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13 March

Set It and Forget It: A Case for Active Campaign Management

March 13,2017 In Facebook, PPC, EmberTribe By T.J. Jones

Set It and Forget It: 

If it’s a Basic Principle of Crockpot Cooking, It Probably Won’t Cut it with Your Digital Campaigns – A Case for Active Campaign Management


More and more companies – particularly B2B companies – are dipping their toes...

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18 January

What I Learned About Teamwork After Escaping a Serial Killer

January 18,2017 In Culture, EmberTribe By Josh Sturgeon

It was dark. Really dark. The kind of darkness that makes you question your sanity.

The only thing louder than my pulse was the slow drip of a faucet that bounced off the concrete walls.

Cold metal handcuffs pressed firmly against my wrists. I...

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12 December

Welcome to the Tribe, J.P. VanderLinden

December 12,2016 In EmberTribe By T.J. Jones


J.P. VanderLinden, Director of Digital aka "The Silent Assassin"

The team here at EmberTribe is happy to introduce J.P. VanderLinden as our first Director of Digital Marketing. From day one, EmberTribe has been committed to providing every...

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