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Last Updated June 9, 2021


Why Do Brands Sell on Amazon?

We talk with a lot of eCommerce brands that are curious about how to start selling on Amazon, and others who have established an Amazon store but need help boosting sales. 

While we tend to encourage our clients to put more resources behind their direct-to-consumer (D2C) stores on platforms such as Shopify, no doubt selling on Amazon can bring in new purchasers and reach different audiences. 

Amazon is popular among eCommerce brands because:

  • Amazon is the leading online retailer in the United States
  • It’s accessible to the millions of people who browse the marketplace every day. 
  • It can be especially great for businesses selling an exclusive or unique product. 
  • There’s a wide range of shipping options available. 
  • Marketing Charts reports that 63% of consumers in key markets start their shopping searches on Amazon. 

So if you’re aiming to add Amazon selling as a sustainable, profitable part of your growth system, read on!

Tips for Advertising on Amazon (Without Wasting Ad Spend)

We’ve covered some expert tips for advertising and converting customers on Amazon before, but it’s worth repeating! Here are 7 tips for improving your Amazon marketing efforts and increasing sales.

  1. Pay attention to how your keyword bidding is impacting your ROAS.
  2. Branded campaigns tend to perform better than unbranded campaigns. Over time, having these separated can help level off your ad costs.
  3. You can attract inexpensive, profitable sales by having low bid automatic campaigns.
  4. Utilize high-quality images and helpful product descriptions. 
  5. Use defensive targeting to get an edge over your competitors. 
  6. Take advantage of Amazon’s review system—customers on Amazon take product reviews very seriously. 
  7. Always, always, always test new strategies & analyze your data.

This Program Suite for Amazon Sellers is a Game Changer

Our friends at Sellerly are helping brands stand out among a sea of competitors with a suite of four tools focused on improving Amazon visibility, traffic, and conversions. We recommend checking them out and combining our expert tips with their expertly created tools to blow your competition out of the water. 

Listing protection helps you keep an eye on your Amazon rankings and listing visibility (so you won’t have to deal with any surprises), and will even send you alerts when your listing has been hijacked. 

The Traffic Insights tool gives you insights into traffic analytics of your account and the accounts of your competitors. You can use this information to uncover growth opportunities for your own store. 

Use the Listing Quality Check tool to keep your listings in tip-top shape based on Amazon requirements and listing optimization best practices

Finally, the Split Testing tool helps you maximize sales by running A/B tells for your Amazon listings. Analyze your results and optimize listings based on what you learn. 

If you’re ready to chat with growth experts about the best method for boosting your Amazon sales, let’s talk!

Jump on a call with one of our growth experts. We'll talk about your goals and create a strategy to get results. 


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