Why Marketing Funnels Are Your Key To Converting Customers

Last Updated July 28, 2021

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Like many eComm & SaaS professionals, we advocate using marketing funnels in our digital advertising as a means of turning window shoppers into loyal customers. 

For growing industries and small businesses across the spectrum of different interests, reaching an authentic audience and transforming them into customers are essential steps to growth.

All of this is made easy with marketing funnels that can be a real game-changer. 

What Are Marketing Funnels?

Customers are getting more and more conscious and cautious before deciding to make a purchase. They invest a lot of time and energy into researching and reviewing before buying. And sometimes, unfortunately, it ends there.

Marketing funnels are a great way to bridge this obstacle, as they enable potential customers to reach your brand and buy from you. 

Marketing funnels are basic strategies through which successful digital marketers attract more clients. It refers to the whole model of transforming visitors into customers.

Essentially, marketing funnels consist of four stages:

  • Awareness
  • Research
  • Decision
  • Purchase

A good marketing funnel will connect all the stages seamlessly and efficiently.

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The core idea is that marketers can broadcast a significant "signal" to a broad audience to absorb as many clients as possible. 

After receiving these "signals," these clients are nurtured into prospective ones. Effective funnels serve to narrow down an organic client base and lead them to decide to purchase.

Why Marketing Funnels?

Here are the key benefits of using marketing funnels:

Building Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the foundation of your long-standing digital presence. Effective marketing funnels garner awareness, an attention-grabbing step essential for potential clients. 

The direct outcome of this essential benefit is the fact that brand awareness flourishes into brand reputation over time. Therefore, it is necessary to use content to shape your brand awareness conscientiously.

Establishing Trust

As a direct product of the benefit mentioned above comes another one: establishing trust between the company and the customers. Honesty is the best policy. Along with it comes consistency and availability to your clients.

While establishing trust is located somewhere at the beginning of a funnel, in the long run, trust is foundational to retention (a.k.a. what keeps your client base active and what makes sure that they come back).

Knowing Your Clients

By earning awareness and gaining the trust of your clients, you enter yet another sphere of client interactions, and that is getting to know them. 

Knowing your clients is an irreplaceable benefit of marketing funnels. You can process the information about their habits and behaviors. Accordingly, you can alter your strategy if needed and plan your next marketing moves.

Using the suitable means to communicate with your existing clients makes them come back and interact with your business again.

Brand Recognition

Marketing funnels lead you from brand awareness to brand recognition. It is necessary to implement them, especially if you are a digital marketer ready to kickstart a small business. 

By effectively utilizing marketing funnels, you can help your brand blossom and carve its own space among the competition.

Key Element of Marketing Funnels: Branding and Digital Presence

As a digital marketer, you should focus on establishing a successful digital presence as a vital aspect of marketing funnels. 

Your digital presence largely depends on branding. That is, how you make your brand distinct and set it apart from the competitors while actively shaping the relationship between the brand and the audience.

It means that branding isn't a simple strategy that you can carry out and expect a boom.

Rather than that, it's a conscious process through which clients and customers perceive a brand. Branding helps your audience identify with your business, but it also increases its overall value. 

Assuming your business already has a name, another critical aspect of successful branding is logo creation. Small businesses, especially those still developing and on a tight budget, can benefit from using the available free tools to create a logo.

A good logo tells people all they need to know about you. It helps your audience identify you and sets you apart from your competition. Your logo essentially turns into your new brand identity and allows people to foster good associations with your brand name.

Here are three reasons why all startups should create a logo for their brand:

  1. Logos create brand identity: Some brands don't need catchy slogans or big ads - you know them by their logos. A logo is what makes your brand's whole identity and what helps your potential clients notice you. Once you have created a logo, you want your clients to see it everywhere - on your websites, on your promotional material, and your business cards. Less is more doesn't apply here.
  2. Your business has an air of professionality: No matter whether your business is big or small, you need to look professional so that people can approach you. Simple or complex, having a logo communicates to your clients that you are a professional with high-quality products and excellent service.
  3. Gets attention: A logo makes your business stand out. Even if you are in a crowded niche dominated by professional companies, a logo can help you get the attention you deserve.

It is good to know that there are options, whether you are a startup with limited financial resources or a small business with space for improvement. Branding is always a good step towards success. 

All in All: Why Marketing Funnels Matter

Are you trying to implement a successful strategy to grow your digital audience and have your business prosper? As a digital marketer, you should hop onto marketing funnels as fast as possible. 

Marketing funnels can transform the way you approach your digital presence and build your client base. A marketing funnel is an essential tool that can revolutionize how you interact with your prospective clients. 

As a crucial aspect of marketing funnels, small businesses and potential startups can prosper from branding. For example, there are free create logo tools that can help them build a brand identity. This factor alone can make your digital presence much better and the entire process of brand creation much smoother. 

With the utilization of marketing funnels, you interact with your customers with purpose and intention. Once you attain the desired conversion rate, you'll be able to devote more attention to your business's development and further growth.

Jump on a call with one of our growth experts. We'll talk about your goals and create a strategy to get results. 


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