Clubhouse - TribeTalk EP 73

Last Updated April 28, 2021


You might have heard about Clubhouse by now. If you haven’t, we can pretty much guarantee you’ll hear about it everywhere. 

Clubhouse is the hot new social media app. It stands out for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Clubhouse is still in the early stages of rolling out, and right now new users can join by invite only. On top of that, the app is only available in the Apple app store (Android users need not apply). That’s a double-whammy of exclusivity! And finally, Clubhouse is a voice-only platform. No videos. No photos. Virtually no emojis 😱. 

Because of the growing popularity of this up-and-coming social media platform, influencers, big brands, and advertisers alike are taking notice. 

Clubhouse looks like a promising platform to watch for reaching highly-engaged audiences in a new and interesting way. However, the app isn’t really primed for hard-sells just yet, and many don’t expect Clubhouse to adopt a comprehensive advertising model anytime soon. Still, this voice chat app is one to keep an eye on...especially as users begin to spend more time interacting with the platform and brands begin researching how to capitalize on its popularity.

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