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09 May

How to Build a Content Inventory in Under 10 Minutes QTT #23

May 09,2017 In Content Marketing, QTT By Josh Sturgeon



Don't let your old content go to waste.

Building a content inventory can help you build better funnels, boost your retargeting campaign efforts and better learn your audience. Fill in your content gaps with this quick and easy strategy.

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24 April

3 Quick Ways To Generate Content Ideas QTT #21

April 24,2017 In Content Marketing, QTT By Josh Sturgeon


It happens to the best of us. We all hit a content creation wall.

Where do you turn to generate fresh ideas for new and engaging content?

Here are 3 fast and easy ways to get the wheels turning, and to get your content back on the right...

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18 April

How to Build a Better Funnel With Retargeting QTT #20


So you've probably heard of lead nurturing or building a funnel. A series of emails and content that goes out to turn people from strangers into friends for your brand.

Well I want to show you that same concept that really works when it...

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28 March

How to Generate Leads With Everyday Emails QTT #17

March 28,2017 In Content Marketing, Email, QTT By Josh Sturgeon


We all send dozens of emails each day. These present a great opportunity to make a meaningful connection with your prospects and start generating more inbound leads.

Recently, we launched a little test at EmberTribe with our email...

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14 March

How to Create More Content (In Less Time) QTT #15

March 14,2017 In Content Marketing, QTT By Josh Sturgeon


Most marketers feel like they’re falling short when it comes to their content creation output.

But most of us are doing it the hard way.

In today’s quick tip video, we’ll cover a simple framework for getting more mileage and from your...

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24 August

How Cold Emailing Led to 7 Figures of Revenue In 90 Days

August 24,2016 In Content Marketing By Mary Green

In a world of inbound marketing, it’s shocking to find out that most companies don’t depend on inbound to bring in sales, at least not at first that is.

Interestingly enough, the startups surrounding you and competing for the same users, are cold...

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25 April

Introducing Growth Content: A Framework For Hacking High Converting Content

April 25,2016 In Content Marketing By Josh Sturgeon

Note: We've put together a scorecard that you can download and use in your own quest to create "growth content". Check it out!

Content marketing feels like a crapshoot sometimes, doesn't it?

After hours of research, writing and re-writing, you...

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08 April

4 Ways to Make Fun Content in "Boring" Industries

The age-old war between cheerleaders and nerds reigns supreme, and not just in the lunchroom: it’s present in the content marketing world. Consumer-facing companies, especially ones in leisure, snacks, travel or entertainment industries, just get...

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