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22 March

6 Audiences You Need for Ecommerce

March 22,2018 In Facebook, Ecommerce By Alexa Tsongranis

When you’re starting out, marketing can be time consuming and expensive. If you’re in the ecommerce business, you understand how hard it can be to target the right audience. Even after you gain some experience, you may still be targeting the...

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15 March

4 Things to Help Build Your Brand When Waiting for Sales

Venturing into the world of ecommerce can be daunting, especially if you’re starting from scratch.

After spending so much time researching, collecting inventory, and getting the initial logistics of your online store set-up, waiting for sales can...

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23 May

How to Run Click to Call Campaigns on Facebook QTT #25

May 23,2017 In Facebook, QTT By Josh Sturgeon


Do you need a better way to reach your audience? Are you looking for an easy way to increase the number of direct calls generated from your Facebook Ads?

In this week's QTT I'll show you how to quickly set up a click to call campaign...

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18 April

How to Build a Better Funnel With Retargeting QTT #20


So you've probably heard of lead nurturing or building a funnel. A series of emails and content that goes out to turn people from strangers into friends for your brand.

Well I want to show you that same concept that really works when it...

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11 April

How to Use Facebook Messenger Ads To Drive More Qualified Leads QTT #19

April 11,2017 In Facebook, QTT By Josh Sturgeon


Digital marketing is constantly changing. Facebook recently released its Messenger ads and we believe they could be a GAME CHANGER.

At EmberTribe we’ve been testing them like mad scientists. In this week's QTT video, we'll show you how...

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04 April

How to Test & Refine Your Facebook Ad Campaigns QTT #18

April 04,2017 In Facebook, QTT By Josh Sturgeon


If you've run an ad campaign you know the hard part isn't launching - it's running them profitably over time.

But it's hard to know where to start and what to focus on first. Ever feel that paralysis of analysis? We want to kill that.


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21 March

How to Reuse Facebook Ads With The Most Social Proof QTT #16

March 21,2017 In Facebook, QTT By Josh Sturgeon


A Facebook ad that gets a lot of likes, shares or comments, is a HUGE asset. This type of engagement is called “social proof”.

Social proof is like a Jedi mindtrick for your audience - they inherently TRUST more when there's strength in...

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13 March

Set It and Forget It: A Case for Active Campaign Management

March 13,2017 In Facebook, PPC, EmberTribe By T.J. Jones

Set It and Forget It: 

If it’s a Basic Principle of Crockpot Cooking, It Probably Won’t Cut it with Your Digital Campaigns – A Case for Active Campaign Management


More and more companies – particularly B2B companies – are dipping their toes...

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07 March

3 COSTLY Mistakes We See in Facebook Ad Accounts QTT #14

March 07,2017 In Facebook, QTT By Josh Sturgeon


We’ve audited SO many Facebook ad accounts. SO. MANY. It’s a big part of our process here at EmberTribe.

The goal is simple: find ways that you can make the campaigns more efficient and effective.

In today’s quick tip video we’ll share...

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28 February

How to Boost Match Rate For Facebook Custom Audiences QTT #13

February 28,2017 In Facebook, QTT By Josh Sturgeon


Custom audiences are one of the most powerful features of Facebook advertising. Being able to target a list of customers or leads opens up a world of opportunity for marketers.

We’ve used custom audience targeting to drive millions in...

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