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Last Updated June 23, 2021



Every Facebook advertiser should be able to see how the work they've done in the ad account is impacting results. It's hard to keep track of all the changes that can be made to a Facebook ad account, and how they're affecting your results. So we built EmberInsights to quickly address those questions so that you can spend less time digging for answers and more time taking action. Best of all, we made the tool absolutely free to start using. So let me show you around real quick, and then you can try it out with your own ad account.

First up, we have a basic dashboard showcasing a handful of key performance indicators. At first glance, this doesn't seem like much. But if you've ever been frustrated trying to add up conversions across different campaigns in the ad manager with different attribution windows, you'll definitely appreciate this.


Next, you'll see this trend chart view. And this is where you can compare the performance of any two metrics side-by-side for a given date range. You want to see if changes in CPM or rising competition could be impacting your profitability? It's just two clicks away.


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Spend less time on spreadsheets and more time finding your next breakthrough experiment. Unlock highly profitable insights in just a few clicks for FREE. 

The trend chart view is also where we create these annotations to show how different actions taken on the ad account are influencing results.


How does this work? Well, every Facebook ad account has what's called an activity log. And every single change is recorded in that log. And we just make it more visual overlaying that activity log with your actual results to see what's driving them. Click on any of the activities to see more details about what changed, like the ad that was launched or the audience targeting change that was made.


You can even filter by different categories of activities like budget changes, or even external factors like outages that are reported by Facebook.

We also made these charts interactive. So you can easily see things like percentage changes by simply dragging between two points.


Finally, we have the funnel view. And the funnel view is a fantastic way to spot blockages or inefficiencies in your funnel. Is your Initiate Checkout purchase rate too low? It might be time to take a closer look at that user experience just to see where buyers are dropping off.


You want to look at a different funnel altogether? Maybe you're running a lead generation campaign. Easily swap which metrics to measure and their order and start visualizing it. If you're looking to spend less time sorting through spreadsheets or building custom dashboards, give EmberInsights a try. Now, we've got a lot planned for this product and we're excited to have you on the ride with us. So go ahead and create your free accounts, and we'll see you on the other side.

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