Client Success Story: Doubled Facebook Conversion Rate

Last Updated June 23, 2021

On this week’s TribeTalk, growth specialist Jonalyn shares a client success story about Bel-Hair, a curly hair extensions brand serving up a variety of textures, weight, and colors. Our client has a great product and they came to us because they wanted to bring in more customers. Here’s a snapshot of the challenges we met, the approach we took, and the strategy we employed to boost sales for Bel-Hair.


When we started working with this client, we recognized that we would need to build a new funnel for this client. Up to this point, their ToFu and MoFu audiences were lumped together and they hadn’t included exclusions. Beyond that, we also needed to find new audiences that would bring in traffic and sales. 

Bel-Hair’s return on ad spend (ROAS) was pretty inconsistent. They had some significant highs, but also really low lows. Their results so far hadn’t yielded enough quality data to direct their ads. And, finally, the conversion rate from initiating checkout to completing a purchase was low at around 17%. 

Our next steps would need to address these gaps through updated ad creative, targeting, and a brand new funnel. 

Our Approach

This client’s growth specialist took a blended approach to build out their campaigns. First, she built a better conversion funnel for the client because she knew it would provide a much-needed foundation for sustainable growth. This required some structural changes to the marketing process that naturally made the client a little nervous, but by the end of the first month, we were able to gain her trust after achieving a 3x ROAS.

We also set out to test new audiences and recreated currently running audiences that had proven successful before we partnered with the client. With this approach, we would begin testing out campaigns to gather data and optimize marketing performance. 


We created interest-based audiences based on our client’s current customers and target audience interests. Surprisingly such interests as “curly hair,” “hair growth,” and “hair extensions” did not yield results for this client. This caused us to dig deeper to really understand the brand purchasers to bring in new customers. We also tested 18 different lookalike audiences to find one successful lookalike (add-to-cart events).

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To update the ad creative, we gathered user-generated content (UGC) to build social proof around Bel-Hair’s products. Bel-Hair’s customers love the product and love talking about the product, so our client was able to send us tons of UGC from happy purchasers. We tested using this content in ads, from single image ads to carousels, to video and found that single image campaigns work best for conversions.


Other than establishing a foundation for long-term success but setting up a new funnel for our client, in the short term we were able to double the conversion rate from initiate checkouts to completed purchases. Total sales increased by >25% and average order value increased by >20%. Finally, we were able to boost ROAS by over 40%. 

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