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Last Updated April 28, 2021


In this episode of TribeTalk, Creative Director, Jacqui, shares her process for developing a brand story through video. 

Combining Story-Driven Style with Data-Driven Growth

Jacqui joined EmberTribe to create amazing video content for our clients. Her story-driven style helps bring products to life!

Because Jacqui has an entrepreneurial background herself, she’s able to step into the shoes of the business owner and the consumer to find the story behind the product and amplify the unique benefits behind the brand. 

The 3 Major Benefits of Using Video Content for Brand Storytelling

  1. A brand can connect with the viewer using multiple senses by combining music, text, and visuals into a cohesive video. 
  2. Video turns product promotion into an immersive experience. 
  3. When combined with smart planning, brand advertising through video can build off of analytical growth marketing strategies and create assets that are primed for conversions.

Besides the amazing benefits of connecting with viewers through video storytelling, marketing experts are seeing incredible results from using video to convert consumers from viewers to buyers. Just a few stand out facts & figures we’ve run across:

  • Marketers who use video report a 54% increase in brand awareness.
  • In a survey, 79% of consumers reported preferring to watch a testimonial video as opposed to reading a text-based review.
  • 57% of consumers have stated that product videos make them feel more confident about making a purchase. 
  • Mentioning the word “video” in an email subject line can increase the click rate by 13%.

4 Questions to Ask Before Creating a Product Video

If you want to start creating videos like an expert, you should consider these 4 questions Jacqui uses to guide her creative process:

  1. What would I want to do with this if I got it?
  2. How can I communicate the essence of the brand/product through video?
  3. Is this going to create a video that’s concise, clear, and short?
  4. Can I appeal to a viewers’ senses?

If you’re reading to start using awesome video content but don’t want the hassle of creating it yourself, check out EmberTribe’s video service packages. You can get all the value of great video + the expertise of a seasoned storyteller without any of the stress!

Jump on a call with one of our growth experts. We'll talk about your goals and create a strategy to get results. 


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