11 Essential Digital Marketing Lessons For D2C eCommerce Businesses

Last Updated April 26, 2021

Growing eCommerce brands takes a lot of work. We know because we’ve done it...a LOT.

Our team has put in a ton of time and (if we’re being honest) trial & error into figuring out what hits and what misses for growing eCommerce stores.

The EmberTribe website is a treasure trove of action tips and expert knowledge, but we wanted to make things a little easier for eCommerce brands with seeking out the most important need-to-knows when it comes to digital marketing.

In this post, you’ll find 11 essential tutorials, lessons, and insights that every eCommerce business needs to know.


1. How to Boost Match Rate For Facebook Custom Audiences

Custom audiences are one of the most powerful features of Facebook advertising. Being able to target a list of customers or leads opens up a world of opportunity for marketers.

We’ve used custom audience targeting to drive millions in revenue for our clients...but did you know that you can help Facebook go to work even harder for you? 

2. How to Test & Refine Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

If you've run an ad campaign you know the hard part isn't launching - it's running them profitably over time.

But it's hard to know where to start and what to focus on first. Ever feel that paralysis of analysis? We'll walk you through a simple system that we use to test and optimize our campaigns over the long-term.

3. Launch Ads That Win Over Your Competitors' Customers

There are many ways to get new leads, clients, etc but one of the best ways that we've found is by doing a little research on your competitors' unhappy customers. Understanding their frustrations can help you create effective ad copy!

4. How We Grew Luxury eCommerce Brands (Despite a Global Pandemic)

Let’s face it, it’s a tough time to be running an eCommerce business. With an uncertain economy, fewer people have the disposable income to buy luxury items (aka a “want, not a need” item). And yet, here at EmberTribe we’ve seen five of our luxury brand clients selling at good rates with high ROAS.

5. 6 Audiences You Need for eCommerce

If you’re not already using them, Facebook ads are good for eCommerce, like really good. But there’s some groundwork needed before you start. Building proper audiences can mean the difference between paying for a bunch of wasted clicks and actually generating sales.

6. The Abandoned Cart: How to Convert Customers Who Ghost

Find out: why abandoned carts are the pits; common causes for cart abandonment; and, ways to reduce cart abandonment and increase completed purchases

7. 23 Shopify Apps Your Store Should Consider Using

With over 1200 apps to choose from – many of which you’d need to pay for, right of the gate – and no reliable way to test them, enterprising Shopify store owners can quickly find themselves overwhelmed and underwater

👋 This is exactly what we’re here for! With decades of combined experience across hundreds of Shopify stores of every possible size and type, we’ve narrowed down the list of must-have apps to 23.

8. Comparing Shopify vs. Competitors WooCommerce and BigCommerce

Three of the most trusted eCommerce platforms in the game right now are Shopify and competitors BigCommerce and WooCommerce. If you’re trying to decide if one of these three platforms is right for you, we’ve put together some insights to help make your decision easier.

9. 10 Scary Marketing Mistakes eCommerce Businesses Make in Q4

This post is part cautionary tale and part kick-in-the-gourd for eCommerce businesses still trying to hide from the holiday season just around the corner. Let’s break down some marketing mistakes many eCommerce businesses are making right now, and how you can escape their same fate.

10. 95% of Your Site Visitors Won't Return: Here's How To Fix It

You've worked so hard to drive traffic to your site. Furiously writing content, hustling on social media and even paying for visitors.

But that hard work is wasted when users visit your site, don't convert, then leave and never come back. Most marketers make the mistake of treating their visitors as a "disposable audience"...don't make that same mistake.

11. Your A/B Tests Are Probably Worthless (Without This Key Step)

We like wrapping up big marketing strategies in bite-sized videos that pack a punch. This latest tip is hot: We’ve got a few surprisingly simple tools to do great audience research instead of wasting time and money on guesswork A/B testing finding the same information.

Jump on a call with one of our growth experts. We'll talk about your goals and create a strategy to get results. 


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