How We Grew Luxury eCommerce Brands (Despite a Global Pandemic) - TribeTalk EP 45

Last Updated July 20, 2020


Let’s face it, it’s a tough time to be running an eCommerce business. With an uncertain economy, fewer people have the disposable income to buy luxury items (aka a “want, not a need” item). And yet, here at EmberTribe we’ve seen five of our luxury brand clients selling at good rates with high ROAS.


How did we do it?  Well, if you’re familiar with our agency then you know we don’t believe in tricks or hacks. In fact, we don’t take anything as a truth until it’s been backed by testing. 

2 considerations when running a client’s campaign:

  • We’re never looking for the “final angle,” but we are always looking for the best angle for now.
  • How we can keep iterating and testing to get great results that will grow the brand.

Our success comes from starting with a core method and focusing on testing to improve performance. That’s why each account looks different in the backend—we never treat any two clients the same.

How Should I Start Testing?

Now let’s say you’re interested in creating a test when you’re in traction mode (meaning you’ve never run paid traffic before and you’re basically starting from scratch), you’ll want to take the following approach:

  • Start by focusing on ToFu and BoFu traffic.
  • Identify around 4 audiences and create 4 ads to get started.
  • Use a budget on the smaller side to avoid overspending.
  • Be very targeted with your testing.
  • Figure out the right audiences and ads that will get your business attention.

    giphy (1)

If you’re interested in optimizing in growth mode (meaning you’re looking to hit profit), take this approach:

  • Test more audiences beyond the ones you originally identified.
  • Refresh creative with variants of different successful ads you’ve previously tested.
  • Drop any losing ads and push the winners.

Understand Your Growth System

When you are thinking about running ads, keep in mind that you aren’t just running ads. You’re building a growth system. We’re not called growth specialists for nothing. You’ll never find an EmberTriber simply running ads. We take a zoomed out approach to making sure that running paid traffic gets returns.

Think about this: there’s no point in running paid traffic if your landing page loads so slow that visitors don’t stick around. There’s no point in running paid traffic if you don’t have email sequences set up in the back end to keep returning traffic in your funnel.

giphy (2) 

To think like a successful EmberTriber, you need to look at the whole system (some might even call that a holistic approach) and make sure that it is set up for growth, not just running ads.

Jump on a call with one of our growth experts. We'll talk about your goals and create a strategy to get results. 

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