TribeTalk With Us: The Top 10 TribeTalk Episodes of 2020

Last Updated April 26, 2021

2020 has been a wild ride (so far), don’t you agree? Right now we’re doing a little reminiscing because 2021 is just weeks away, but this year has been especially long and entirely too short. I’m sure you can relate. 

In our reminiscing, we decided to take a look back at our year of TribeTalks. A TribeTalk retrospective, if you will. ⏪

TribeTalk videos are an opportunity for our team to chat about what’s going on in the digital marketing world, show off our smarts, and even share some insider tips to you good readers and listeners. It truly is a treat for your eyes and ears (and brain)!

We had a lot to talk about in 2020, as you can imagine.  

Here’s a list of our top 10 most-viewed TribeTalks. If you’re feeling nostalgic, take a peek through these greatest hits and let us know if you had a favorite TribeTalk episode in 2020 that’s not listed. 

1. Scaling from $18k to $370k - TribeTalk EP 42


In this episode, Courtney joins Kathryn to discuss a recent case study and big client win. Find out how EmberTribe scaled our client to $370K despite COVID shipping delays. 

2. 4 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Are Failing - TribeTalk EP 46


Ethan and Kathryn don’t pull any punches in this episode covering 4 big reasons why your Facebook ads are missing the mark and wasting your money. 

3. 23 Shopify Apps Your Store Should Consider - EP 32

TribeTalk EP 32

Did you know there are thousands of Shopify apps in their app store? Chris and Kathryn talk about some apps that have proven to be must-haves for Shopify store owners. 

4. Campaign Budget Optimization - TribeTalk EP 28

TribeTalk EP 28

Jayca joins Kathryn to discuss Campaign Budget Optimization and what to expect when using CBO with Facebook campaigns. 

5. Using Facebook Advanced Matching For Better Results - TribeTalk EP 57

TT episode 57

Get the scoop on advanced matching for Facebook with Dan and Kathryn as they talk about problem-solving ad targeting ahead of upcoming privacy changes. 

6. Funnel Optimization - TribeTalk EP 31

TT 31

This TribeTalk is like a lesson in sales funnel 101. You can’t get great sales with a leaky funnel! Halley and Kathryn break down the importance of an optimized funnel in this episode. 

7. Facebook Announces Changes To Attribution - TribeTalk EP 56

TT ep 56

Courtney and Kathryn talk about changes to the Facebook attribution windows and the end of the 20% ad text rule. 

8. Shopify’s New Mobile App -TribeTalk EP 39


Shopify’s new mobile could mean a little extra competition for shopping behemoth Amazon. Chris joins Kathryn to explore what the arrival of the Shop app could mean for eCommerce sellers and buyers. 

9. Google Shifts to FREE Shopping Product Listings - TribeTalk EP 38


eCommerce sales surged this year, and companies took the opportunity to adapt to new needs. Jonathan and Kathryn look at new changes from Google Shopping and discuss how this will affect direct-to-consumer (D2C) stores. 

10. Facebook Shop -TribeTalk EP 40

TribeTalk EP 40

Jayca, Chris, and Kathryn chat about the pros and cons of the Facebook Shop rollout. Will this feature help boost your conversion rates, or will it just add another thing to monitor to your long list of eCommerce tools?

Happy watching & learning! And here's to a new year and a growing TribeTalk playlist 🍻

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