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This client has a product that took off as a successful Kickstarter project. Among other positives, our client has a dedicated following, a defined audience (age 45 and up), and strong branding around their commitment to manufacturing in the USA.

When this client partnered with EmberTribe, their goal was to find strategies to scale sales.

What We Knew:

The client’s product appeals to broad audiences, a definite plus. However, we also took into consideration that the appeal of their product is limited by its seasonality.

When we got started, our client’s pixel had a lot of data, but not much information regarding conversion data. Most of their spend had been focused on traffic campaigns. We anticipated a slow beginning as our team re-trained the pixel with more cost effective data.

What We Did:

Our client started the year looking to sell out the previous model of their product before launching a new model. This new model featured an improved motor and remote control. Unfortunately, this client was hit by shipping delays due to COVID-19.

Despite this setback, our client was able to maintain a 2.5x ROAS. Our team ran the pre-order period as a “first come, first served” campaign to increase urgency among buyers.


EmberTribe’s campaign with this client launched on November 29, 2019. At that time, ROAS was at just 21%. Since launch, we have catapulted to a 3.3 lifetime ROAS. 

Throughout this time, our client has experienced scale from $18K to $370K lifetime revenue, with an $111K lifetime spend. 

Ultimately, we saw cost per unique purchase go down from $738 to $51

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What We Learned:

Don’t be afraid to spend more on conversion campaigns to deliver results.

Jump on a call with one of our growth experts. We'll talk about your goals and create a strategy to get results. 

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