Is Pinterest a Sleeper Hit For Marketers?

Last Updated April 27, 2021

We’re fans of Pinterest marketing here at EmberTribe and when we found out Pinterest reached a new user milestone (400 million active users!), we had to see what that meant for the future of Pinterest for digital marketers. Let’s take a look at the news out of Pinterest HQ.

Breaking News

Pinterest’s Popularity Grows

The company recently announced that it shot past its whopping 400 million users milestone, finishing the quarter with 416 million monthly active users and revenue growth of approximately 50% compared to last year’s.

Pinterest is most popular with women, accounting for over 60% of its user base. While it was always meant for everyone, the brand’s recent growth was driven by the surge in their audiences particularly from the Gen Z, men, and millennial demographics respectively. 

Modern Family scene

People from across generations use Pinterest as a tool for planning their futures — from finding inspiration to finally taking action. The platform is especially popular for event planning, wellness, fashion, and home decor, and this has definitely caught the attention of online retailers.

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What’s the big deal? Well, Pinterest tends to attract users with high buying intent, especially users who visit the site weekly. For digital marketers in the eCommerce space, that makes Pinterest an attractive platform for running paid ads and promoting organic traffic.

Pinterest User Trends

Gen Z (↑ 50%)

The number of Pinners under 25 years old grew twice as fast this year — and they sure do care about the future. They are actively seeking pins about social issues and inspiring movements such as gender equality, mental health, and body positivity.

Men (↑ 48%)

Men make up Pinterest’s second growing audience as their number has jumped significantly. They mostly look for pins about personal betterment, creative inspiration, and home upgrade ideas such as kitchen storage solutions and modular kitchen.

Millennials (↑ 36%)

Millennials are utilizing Pinterest to cope with the new normal while also looking for pins about life skills, family-friendly ideas such as fun activities for couples.

The Bottom Line

Pinterest shouldn’t be looked at as a sleeper hit. At this point in the game, Pinterest is practically a blockbuster. 

Audience applauding

With 400 million users worldwide and growing audiences that trust Pinterest as an important stop in their buyer’s journey, this platform isn’t going anywhere but up. eCommerce brands should consider if Pinterest ads are worth the investment. 

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We think that for many businesses, ignoring Pinterest as a marketing tool is a huge missed opportunity.

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