8 Benefits of Running Paid Ads During a Global Pandemic

Last Updated April 27, 2021

In times where everyone perceives there to be a lack of opportunity, smart entrepreneurs find massive upside by overcoming fear and hesitation. 

This COVID-19 Pandemic has hit all of us by surprise. Although it’s affecting so much of our world negatively, there are huge benefits of paid advertising during this time. 

Here are the top 8 reasons to run paid traffic right now:

1. Everyone’s on their phones!

With schools and major events canceled and even some businesses closed, people have more time on their hands. As consumers combat boredom and look to relieve stress, shopping is great for those feel-good hormones. 

Think about advertising on platforms where people go for entertainment such as Youtube. We have seen a pretty significant boost in leads from YouTube ads over the last week, with prospects seeing the ads in entertainment channels like Family Feud. Several of our clients are even using entertainment angles that are beneficial at this time. 

2. Social Distancing means no brick and mortar shopping

As many local businesses close to help contain the virus, in-store is often not an option. Folks are turning to eCommerce stores to find the products they need. You can help your brand be found by new consumers online by using paid advertising. 

3. People are more likely to buy when they see your ad at home

With more people staying home, the likelihood of your ad being consumed while near payment info, stationary on a couch, and not distracted by driving has gone up. All that means a higher chance of conversion, which basically means higher ROAS. 

4. To make sure you reach your audience 

Feeds are being blown up by Coronavirus news, articles, and memes making it harder for organic reach to be noticed. Paid traffic will almost guarantee that your customers and loyal followers see your brand. 

5. No need to manufacture scarcity, you can use actual scarcity to your advantage 

Some stores are experiencing out of stock issues. This could be a problem but it’s actually great for marketing. Let your customers know that you only have 5 more of that best selling dress by putting that in your ad copy. 

6. Cheaper CPMs

The laws of supply and demand apply to paid traffic platforms...with increased supply (i.e. impression share from more people on their phones) we can see price drops. 

Also, when there’s less competition CPMs fall. If your competition pulls out of the bidding, you get the same amount of advertising for a cheaper price. I don’t know about you but I like the sound of that! 

7. Customers still need your products 

Just because consumers are quarantining themselves in their houses doesn’t mean they don’t need your products. If you are a baby clothing store, babies are still growing and need clothes. Weather is warming, entertainment is being consumed, home goods are being used more and being worn out. Use your ad creative to speak to why consumers need your product right now.

8. Increased Online Shopping 

Amazon confirmed to TechCrunch they are seeing an increase in online shopping right now and are looking to hire as many as 100,000 additional employees to address the increase. 

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