The Mix Up! - TribeTalk EP 19

Last Updated April 27, 2021

Check out this TribeTalk from our Marketing Specialist, Kathryn Betancourt chatting IN-PERSON with our Growth Specialists, Sarah Ratliff and Courtney Corner, along with our Account Directors, Jayca Pike and Chris Grippo.

Today we’re mixing things up like Kanye…


Instead of talking about Facebook and Google, we’re switching the script and talking about channels we don’t usually talk about. We discuss platforms we recommend adding to your marketing mix that may be a little off the beaten path but have real value. 


Recently the company itself has been growing like crazy, adding tons of users. If you look at some of their quarterly reports you will see how much. The way that they are expanding their platform is really impressive. 

Snapchat provides many different campaign types such as Conversion campaigns, App Install campaigns, and Lead Gen campaigns. The platform works well for specific demographics, especially the younger demographic. 

The ads are full-screen interstitial, which means they are interrupting what you are looking at instead of scroll-based like Facebook/Instagram. We have recently been seeing success there for some of our clients and recommend checking it out (depending on the audience you are trying to reach). 


You’ve probably already heard us talking about Pinterest some as Pinterest has really been growing lately in the ad space. We are using the platform for many eCommerce brands we work with. We highly recommend using the platform if you are marketing to women age 18-40. This channel is a gold mine for fashion, baking, jewelry, clothing, etc. 

It’s incredibly efficient in terms of cost. We are seeing CPMs at a fraction of the cost compared to Facebook/Google. 

They also have a really cool way that you can set up your campaigns. For instance, on other platforms, you can only stick with keywords, interest-based targeting, or lookalikes but on Pinterest, you can do all three at once, or choose to do them separately. This makes targeting really interesting on the platform. 


In the past year, Reddit has launched CPC advertising and have redone all of their reporting analytics. As an ad platform, it has become a lot more user-friendly. You have the option to target specific subreddits, and they offer suggested subreddits, which is a great way to find new folks, if you are looking to expand your audience. 

Reddit’s a great way to have campaigns that can create conversation and get new audiences engaged in your product or service in the early funnel. 


Do customers ask questions about your product/service? You need to check out Quora. This channel would be great to use for SaaS, B2B, B2C, or if you have an app you’re trying to sell. 

Go ahead and come up with FAQ that your users have about your product or service. Those questions (and their answers) become ads in Quora, and they fit right into the feed. 

Like the other channels we have mentioned, these ads are very cost efficient. 

What channels have you been trying? How are they working for your business? Leave us a comment. We'd love to hear from you!

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