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13 December

Launch Ads That Win Over Your Competitors' Customers QTT #2

December 13,2016 In Copywriting, QTT By Josh Sturgeon


There are many ways to get new leads, clients, etc but one of the best ways that we've found is by doing a little research on your competitors' unhappy customers. Understanding their frustrations can help you create effective ad copy!


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12 December

Welcome to the Tribe, J.P. VanderLinden

December 12,2016 In EmberTribe By T.J. Jones


J.P. VanderLinden, Director of Digital aka "The Silent Assassin"

The team here at EmberTribe is happy to introduce J.P. VanderLinden as our first Director of Digital Marketing. From day one, EmberTribe has been committed to providing every...

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06 December

Grow Your Facebook Audience For Free In Under 10 Min QTT #1

December 06,2016 In Facebook, PPC, QTT By Josh Sturgeon

This is the first installment of a new video series called, Quick Tip Tuesday #QTT! It's a weekly series of videos that bring you highly actionable advertising tactics in 90 seconds or less.

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20 September

10 Costly Mistakes We Keep Seeing in Facebook Ad Accounts

September 20,2016 In Facebook, PPC By Josh Sturgeon

When potential clients consider working with EmberTribe, we offer a free in-depth "discovery" and audit of their existing PPC accounts.

Our goal is to give away a scary amount of value in this stage.

Sometimes we get burned and people take the...

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24 August

How Cold Emailing Led to 7 Figures of Revenue In 90 Days

August 24,2016 In Content Marketing By Mary Green

In a world of inbound marketing, it’s shocking to find out that most companies don’t depend on inbound to bring in sales, at least not at first that is.

Interestingly enough, the startups surrounding you and competing for the same users, are cold...

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01 August

What Every B2B Marketer Should Know About Facebook Ads

August 01,2016 In Facebook, PPC, Advertising, b2b By Josh Sturgeon

Pssst, we have a secret: Facebook ads actually work for businesses selling to other businesses!

As an agency, we've managed millions in ad spend for our B2B clients, and a large portion of that was on Facebook this past year.

In this post, I'll...

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15 June

Client Win: Quadrupled Leads, Decreased Cost Per Acquisition (And Here's How We Did It)

June 15,2016 In PPC By Grace

Many people think they can just choose a couple of keywords, throw them in some ad groups, create some ads, and launch their Adwords campaigns just like that. It’s a wonder why none of them get any conversions at all. Here, we took a SaaS client...

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19 May

EP 02: Your A/B Tests Are Probably Worthless (Without This Key Step)

May 19,2016 In EmberBites, PPC, Research, Testing By joanna

On EmberBites, we like wrapping up big marketing strategy in bite-sized videos that pack a punch. This latest installment coming in hot: A few surprisingly simple tools to do great audience research instead of wasting time and money on guesswork...

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13 May

EP 01: The "Rent-to-Own" Approach to Driving Traffic [VIDEO]

May 13,2016 In EmberBites, PPC By Josh Sturgeon

This is the first installment of our video series, EmberBites! EmberBites are quick hitting, "bite-sized" videos that will level up your digital marketing strategy.

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25 April

Introducing Growth Content: A Framework For Hacking High Converting Content

April 25,2016 In Content Marketing By Josh Sturgeon

Note: We've put together a scorecard that you can download and use in your own quest to create "growth content". Check it out!

Content marketing feels like a crapshoot sometimes, doesn't it?

After hours of research, writing and re-writing, you...

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