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31 January

How to Boost Conversion Rates Using Feedback That’s ‘Hiding’ in Plain Sight QTT #9

January 31,2017 In Copywriting, QTT By Josh Sturgeon


Good news! If you want to improve your conversion rates, some of the answers are right under your nose.

In today’s quick tip video, we’ll cover how to step into the mind of your customers and more clearly articulate what they want.

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24 January

How to Scale Up Your Facebook Ad Campaigns Without Killing Performance QTT #8

January 24,2017 In Facebook, QTT By Josh Sturgeon


Facebook is a powerful advertising platform, but it doesn’t scale the same way as paid search.

In this quick tip video, we’ll demonstrate how you can best scale your ad spend without killing the performance of key metrics like cost per...

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22 January

How Marketing Ate My Lunch

January 22,2017 In Culture By T.J. Jones

I’ve sold things for most of my career. It’s how I’ve put food on the table for the last 15 years. My world changed several years ago when one of the founders at the company I was at declared that our sales culture  would be  transitioning to an...

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18 January

What I Learned About Teamwork After Escaping a Serial Killer

January 18,2017 In Culture, EmberTribe By Josh Sturgeon

It was dark. Really dark. The kind of darkness that makes you question your sanity.

The only thing louder than my pulse was the slow drip of a faucet that bounced off the concrete walls.

Cold metal handcuffs pressed firmly against my wrists. I...

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17 January

How to Breathe New Life Into Your PPC Campaigns QTT #7

January 17,2017 In PPC, QTT By Josh Sturgeon


In order to scale your campaigns and avoid past mistakes, it's VERY important to keep track of what you're doing. This is why we plan ahead and keep track of our results using a "testing queue."

However, just keeping track is not enough....

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10 January

How to do Market Research Using Facebook’s Free Tools QTT #6

January 10,2017 In Copywriting, Facebook, QTT By Josh Sturgeon


There’s one thing that can make or break your marketing efforts and that’s how well you know your audience. You can’t put a price tag on knowing what makes your prospective customer tick.

This information used to be available to only...

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03 January

How B2B Advertisers Can Win Big with Bing QTT #5

January 03,2017 In PPC, QTT By Josh Sturgeon


Bing offers a great opportunity for businesses to generate extra leads not only for less but it also has certain features that makes it better than its main competitor, Adwords.

In Today's Quick Tip Tuesday, JP talks about how B2B...

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27 December

Land Clients At Conferences (Without Ever Going) QTT #4

December 27,2016 In Facebook, QTT By Josh Sturgeon


The great thing about targeting certain conferences is that you'll find like-minded people; people who are likely to be interested in your product/service. So if you are in the PPC industry, you'd want to target wherever Hero Conf PPC...

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20 December

Hack Referral Traffic From Social Bookmarking Sites QTT #3

December 20,2016 In PPC, QTT By Josh Sturgeon


Using social bookmarking sites like GrowthHackers or Inbound.org is a great way to boost your site's referral traffic. Unfortunately, this is a well known tactic and it is very difficult to achieve meaningful success with that alone.


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16 December

The Big Fat Guide to Adwords Quality Score

December 16,2016 In PPC By Mary Green

Frustrated by your Adwords account? Are you finding it difficult to get a decent cost per click (CPC) in an industry that shouldn’t have high click costs?

Or maybe you just want to show your team that you can cut costs, while still providing...

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