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Last Updated April 27, 2021

Check out this TribeTalk from our Marketing Specialist, Kathryn Betancourt chatting with two of our Growth Specialists, Sarah Ratliff and Courtney Corner.

Basics of Organic Strategy

Why does organic matter? It’s important to not only sell to your customers but tell your story. Telling your story differentiates your business and helps you create a brand. It backs up direct response campaigns & builds credibility via community, reviews, UGC. 

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Instead of just putting up paid ads you can actually test your content on organic first to see what your customers are engaging with and then put it live. You know which content performs based on organic engagements, reach, etc. Take the top 3-5 creatives and turn them into ads. This is how you create a three-dimensional marketing strategy where your content is being used effectively across all platforms/channels.

Lower CPMs. On every account that we have, the ones with a healthy organic strategy have consistently lower ad costs.

Now that we know why organic strategy is important, where do we start? Begin by engaging with other users. Follow people and comment on photos. Be positive and authentic. Repost your customer's content (UGC) and encourage reviews via contests or discounts. 

Provide value to your audience through knowledge and entertainment. Facebook (and consumers) prioritize brands that provide value. The 80/20 rule is always important to stick to as you want 80% of your content to be about your business's personality and 20% to be promotional. Examples of content to try are tips, news, reviews, behind-the-scenes, memes, tease new products, and how-tos. 

We highly recommend to schedule posts and use "live" time to monitor comments, mentions, UGC. Scheduling your posts will help you post consistently as the proper organic strategy is posting consistently between 1-4x day to reach new audiences, keep interests, and grow your audience.

Content marketing is important but it can be hard to keep it all together/do it all. However, we have updates on new things that can help you out!

Instagram Scheduling Now in Facebook’s Creator Studio

Can we all raise our hands on who has been a victim of Instagram's lack of scheduling? 

raise hand

How many times have we had to use a third party app that still makes you login via your phone to publish? You can now say good-bye to that! Facebook’s Creator Studio now has Instagram scheduling. 

This has been slowly rolling out so don’t freak out if you don’t have it. It will get to you, and make your life SO much easier. You’ll also get to see what your post looks like before it posts which is huge. 

CTA To Message in Stories

At EmberTribe, we do a lot of work with Facebook Messenger and have seen the benefits of those campaigns. An awesome new update is that you can now swipe up on Stories that have “Send Message” as a CTA

This is a great way to drive more people to those campaigns and connect with them on something that’s pretty hot (and fun) right now. Content is more than posts and now there’s definitely more of a focus on 1-on-1 convos. 

Instagram’s Own Messaging App

So right now, Instagram is working on creating a new messenger app. Some of you may remember the messaging app Instagram created before called Direct. Direct did not end up working out. The new app they are now working is called “Threads” and you can basically think of it an updated version of Direct. 

The app’s focus is on maintaining relationships with close friends. Rumors are that it will be similar to Snapchat and hoping to give Snapchat another challenge. 

What’s your organic content strategy? What are your thoughts on these new tools and features? Leave us a comment below. 

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