A Digital Content Strategy Manifesto on "Content is King"

Last Updated April 27, 2021

How Your Digital Content Strategy Can Generate Inexpensive Growth Through Organic Traffic


Content is king,” right? We’ve all heard it before, and we are all subjects to our content overlord.

If you think that’s a bit dramatic, you might be surprised.

An effective digital content strategy can serve the dual purpose of giving your website ranking authority in searches while also appealing to audiences by providing valuable information. In other words, investing in good content will help draw inexpensive organic traffic through meaningful engagement.

When done right, your content can generate organic traffic with long-term ROI at a fraction of paid traffic costs.

If you’re still not sold on the reigning power of content, here’s our proclamation to declare that content is, indeed, still king.

Content drives traffic.

Quality content and a healthy organic digital content strategy can increase web traffic at lower costs than running paid ads. You can grab the attention of visitors (aka future customers) through informative and engaging content that adds value to your brand.

Your organic content strategy will help inform a cohesive 3-dimensional digital marketing strategy across all platforms/channels. If you are testing your content on organic first, you’ll know what performs well before investing more money into paid traffic.

Content tells a story.

What's your story sticker on corkboard

Who doesn’t love a good story?

Content goes beyond selling your product or service to telling your story. What is your brand about? What passions, missions, and motivations drive your business? Your digital content should reflect your business’ values and priorities.

Don’t create content just to have content. It should have a purpose and a place within your digital content strategy. Overall, the content you produce should back up direct response campaigns and build credibility among your audience.

Telling your story differentiates your business from competition and helps solidify your brand.

If you’re stuck on step one of content creation, get started with these three quick ways to generate content ideas.

Content can be upcycled.

Think about the content you have already produced. No doubt you’ve done a lot of leg work to create quality content for your audience. You don’t have to throw away digital content that you’ve invested in!

Content doesn’t have to go to waste when it can be recycled and updated for more organic traffic. It’s easy to keep good content evergreen by updating links and repackaging information for multiple uses.

Blank notebook with discarded sticky notes

You can use past content to help to create better funnels, reinforce re-targeting campaigns, and learn more about your own brand and audience. The best part is that building a content inventory doesn’t have to take a long time.

Content can drive growth.

What if you were able to publish content that could predictably provide measurable business value? You can. This is what we call growth content.

Growth content drives measurable business value in the form of new users, leads, or sales.

A growth content framework consists of 5 key attributes that, help you optimize content creation efforts with an eye toward growth.EmberTribe growth content framework illustration

By adopting a growth content framework, you can use content strategically and measurably to add value to your digital content strategy.

Content fits into a long-term strategy.

Despite all of this talk about creating content, you might still be tempted to ignore the long-term organic content strategy for the quick returns of paid ads.

We can’t deny that paid ads are an effective way to drive traffic to your website. However, if you’re seeking a long-term digital marketing strategy to increase traffic at a lower cost, good content is going to drive your organic traffic in valuable ways.

Even better, your content can be used to inform paid traffic and organic traffic alike.

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👑 Long live good content!

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