3 Ways To Generate Content Ideas in 15 Minutes or Less [Video]

Last Updated April 26, 2021


It happens to the best of us. We all hit a content creation wall.

Where do you turn to generate fresh ideas for new and engaging content?

Here are 3 fast and easy ways to get the wheels turning, and to get your growth content back on the right track.




If you're creating content for your marketing campaigns, eventually your well is gonna run dry when it comes to ideas.

So what do you do when you're staring at an editorial calendar blank in the face and you just have no idea what to publish next?

I want to show you and share a couple of surefire ways to jump start that part of your brain again. To think through ideas that are relevant to your audience and that are the perfect next piece for you to create.

3 Ways to Generate Content Ideas

Okay, so I'm gonna show you three easy ways to generate some new content ideas very very quickly.

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Now any good content strategy is gonna have great keyword research where you're looking at what people are searching for online. But sometimes you don't have time to do that full comprehensive practice in keyword research.


Ubersuggest screenshot

We use Ubersuggest as a great way to again, generate some quick ideas to see what people are searching for.

I'm gonna pretend that I have a stand-up paddle board company. I love stand-up paddle boards. I'm trying to understand what's some content that I can create. To attract my audience or answer questions they may have.

I'm gonna search for stand-up paddle board here. And what it's doing is it's coming up with all the things that Google will suggest in the search bar.

So when people are typing stuff into Google you know how you see those words come up beneath the search, that's what we're looking at here but all in one place.

There are some obvious ones here stand up paddle boards for sale. Stand-up paddle boarding in different cities. But, we also see like stand-up paddle board yoga.

Okay, so this is an interest to some people is to do yoga on their stand-up paddle boards. You can go through here, there's also a Workcloud option. If you really are short on time and just kinda want to look from the top down, you can pick up on the most common keywords that show up here.

Ubersuggest is the first place to go to kind of generate some new angles to approach here. You can go all the way down the alphabet, and just see what is on here.


Quora Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Now, the second site that I like to use is a site called Quora. Quora is basically a question and answer site where people ask questions and then other people come and answer them.

It's great if you want to set yourself apart as an expert in the space, you can answer a lot of questions.

But, kind of a separate strategy. I searched for stand-up paddle here. You can see there's a lot of great questions.

Now, Ubersuggest is good for the keywords. But, there's not a lot of context here. With Quora, we're able to see people's questions and what people are discussing in the answers about this.

Here's a question about inflatable stand-up paddle boards, are they worth buying? Here's some other stuff about related activities in kayaking. But here's one, what about paddle boards for beginners? People just getting into this.

You can see there's a lot of great stuff here. And if I click through I'm gonna see what answers are on here. And maybe there's an opportunity for me to even answer that question here and then build a blog post off of it.

Quora is a great place to get a little bit more context and understanding. Talk about idea generation and you just scroll down here and you're gonna see tons of great questions from people who are probably in the buying process already.


Reddit Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

All right, the last thing I'm gonna show you is Reddit. Reddit is just another social bookmarking site but there's literally something for everything in here.

Every topic you could imagine is on Reddit.

Here is what is called a subreddit, and it is dedicated to stand-up paddle boarding.

Now, I like going to Reddit to see what people are asking, just like Quora. But Reddit is also a place where people can share cool content.

You can see what's getting the most upvotes, and you can see maybe what other content creators are doing, and how that might give you some ideas. Maybe you can take an idea and make it even better.

But could I use my surfboard as a stand-up paddle board? Okay, well which surfboards could feasibly do that? I don't know. But there's comments here, we could read through those. And just lots and lots of content here to generate ideas where you can maybe chime in.

What's a decent board under $800? Maybe that's an entire content series is based on people's price points. What should they expect and what should they look for in a board.

Lots and lots of great stuff here, but you can also see how detailed it gets. People talking about specific boards.

Between these three sites, if you just spent 15 minutes a week looking at what people are asking, what people are sharing and know what some of the general searches are out there, you're gonna have more than enough fuel to create content. And, I would just say that if you see themes pop up across each of these channels or each of these websites then make those a priority.

If you keep seeing stuff about inflatable paddle boards, make sure that you have a piece on that. Or, if you see stuff about yoga, make sure you have a piece on that.

But try to pick up on the trends and on the recurring themes across each of these sites.

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All right, I hope that's helpful for you. Again, none of this is meant to replace great keyword research or great audience research. We all know that our ideas can run dry, and you need a quick boost every now and then to keep you going with your content creation.

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