Going Viral: The Secret to LinkedIn Marketing

Last Updated April 27, 2021

Using LinkedIn To Share Content Could Boost Your Organic Engagement

If you think TikTok is the only place your brand can go viral, think again!


We know what you’re thinking, you tried those random dance moves, you amassed thousands of followers over time, including colleagues and everyone who knows you in the industry...but your posts still aren’t viewed enough for it to go viral. It’s a cruel world, isn’t it?

While LinkedIn is a stellar resource for B2B marketing, it is also the one platform with an algorithm that successfully identifies quality writing and then rewards content creators with engagements. In other words, LinkedIn is uniquely positioned to help posters go viral. 

Wondering how to get your hit of (free) social media attention? There are plenty of ways you can mold your content and strategy to go viral on LinkedIn. 

let's go viral

It’s Easier To Go Viral on LinkedIn Than Other Social Media Platforms

Bet that’s one sentence you never thought you would read. 

“Going viral” is judged by how quickly you get views and engagement on your content. The faster the pace of views, the better the chances are of your post going viral, this is something LinkedIn calls velocity. If you’re trying to up your velocity on LinkedIn, try to remember to do these things:

Be Yourself

Don’t be too candid (you know what we mean…), but do be real about who you are as a brand. People can be pleasantly surprised if you choose to post personal content as long as there is a point to it. Readers tend to respond positively to transparency and storytelling, not just sell, sell, sell. 

👔 Loosen up a little! "Boring" industries don't require boring content. →

The problem with a lot of content on LinkedIn is that it’s too boring and too professional. Posters are afraid to sound human. But think about it: if you were to meet someone for lunch for a business prospect or any other professional opportunity, you would want to be charming and show off your personality, right? That’s exactly what engages people on LinkedIn as well. 

Be Transparent

When it comes to marketing your brand, people appreciate openness and honesty. Use transparency in your content and be authentic about it. You don’t want to have a shiny plastic sheen on all of your brand content that makes you look like all the other competitors. People can spot a fake attitude or AI-fueled content in a second. 

Remember that as you’re marketing your brand, even with all of the awesome technology we have to target, segment, optimize, you’re still marketing your brand to other humans

What You Like May Not Be What Everyone Likes

But what you’ve struggled with maybe something others can relate to. When you’re sharing on LinkedIn, stick to the inspirational stuff. Share your failures, what you learned, and how you reached a big win.

👉 We learn from failing, too. Check out some stories of our challenges turned successes. 

Decision-makers will be more attracted to your content if your brand conveys something that can be trusted. Readers like to follow stories where you persevere in spite of challenges. 

Is Going Viral Free Advertising for Your Brand?

It sure is! 


Okay, so we’re not advocating that you drop paid ad strategies or abandon LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to focus on going viral on LinkedIn. However, we are advocating that you use whatever channels you prefer to their maximum potential, and for some companies that might mean creating shareable, engaging content.

If your content is engaging enough to go viral, it can be a massive boost to the rest of your paid advertising strategy. 

💼 We like free. LinkedIn company pages are another free resource for businesses building an online presence. →

In order for this organic strategy to work, you must also be careful to fine-tune your presence on LinkedIn. Consolidate all pages of your businesses into one. Instead of dedicating your efforts to how to network on LinkedIn with boring cold messages and tit-for-tat following, pivot to focus on organic engagement, and LinkedIn lead generation will become phenomenally easier for you.

Jump on a call with one of our growth experts. We'll talk about your goals and create a strategy to get results. 


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