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Last Updated April 27, 2021

At the beginning of the month, Microsoft Advertising announced the release of 3 audience targeting features:

  1. Dynamic remarketing lists
  2. LinkedIn profile targeting
  3. In-market audiences

Let’s take a look at what each feature brings to digital marketing. 🔎

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic Remarketing lists can be used to show tailored ads for products to audiences that have shown certain behaviors that indicate purchase intent. With dynamic remarketing lists, you should be able to boost performance through likelihood of clicks and conversions with a better ROAS.

According to Microsoft, advertisers can create 5 types of dynamic remarketing lists:

  • General visitors
  • Product searchers
  • Product viewers
  • Shopping cart abandoners
  • Past buyers

LinkedIn Profile Targeting

This feature allows advertisers to target audiences using LinkedIn profile information through text ads, dynamic search ads, and shopping campaigns. Advertisers can reach customers based on the company, job/position, and industry identified through their profile.

Plus, Microsoft Advertising is the only digital advertising platform outside of LinkedIn to offer LinkedIn profile targeting.

In-market Audiences

The in-market audiences feature provides advertisers with curated lists of users identified as “in-market” for a purchase category. These lists are available through Microsoft Advertising and don’t require users to build the lists (we like easy solutions!). By associating lists to ad groups, advertisers can target and modify bids for the audiences, kind of like remarketing and paid search.

What do you think of Microsoft Advertising’s new features? Let us know below!

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