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Last Updated April 26, 2021


jp J.P. VanderLinden, Director of Digital aka "The Silent Assassin"

The team here at EmberTribe is happy to introduce J.P. VanderLinden as our first Director of Digital Marketing. From day one, EmberTribe has been committed to providing every client with exceptional service from knowledgeable industry experts. By hiring one of digital marketing's brightest young minds, we are reaffirming our commitment to excellence.

As Director of Digital Marketing, VanderLinden will lead our paid acquisition team as we continue to provide our clients with real marketing results quickly and efficiently. He will also work cross-functionally with our Head of Analytics and UX to amplify campaign results and provide clients with complete visibility into those results.

We built EmberTribe based on the idea that companies should see results from their marketing agency in weeks, not months. By rapidly testing, iterating, and scaling our campaigns we have been able to expand and create new lead generation channels for many of our clients in just a few weeks. This agile style of marketing is what initially drew VanderLinden to EmberTribe. “From our first conversation, it was clear that our brand of agile marketing is what gets this guy out of bed every morning.” says our Co-Founder Josh Sturgeon. “J.P.’s commitment to providing clients with rapid results is why the decision to bring him onboard was such a no brainer.”

We built EmberTribe based on the idea that companies should see results from their marketing agency in weeks, not months.

VanderLinden’s seven years of digital marketing experience has allowed him to work with dozens of clients across multiple industries in areas such as social media, SEO, email marketing, analytics, and copywriting. However, VanderLinden sees his future, and the future of digital marketing, in paid acquisition and analytics.

“Facebook, Twitter, Google, and all of these other networks are the future of digital marketing,” says VanderLinden “As a marketer, my job is to figure out how I can best leverage these networks to reach the right audience with the right message. By merging paid acquisition with analytics, we can quickly tap into these networks to provide our clients with results that will move the needle for them in weeks, not months.”

VanderLinden won’t need to adjust to our remote working culture since his previous company is distributed as well. “Some people love being surrounded by an office environment. However, I love the freedom of working remotely. I can reserve all of my water cooler talk for Slack!”

VanderLinden is already providing results to some of EmberTribe’s premier clients. If you’d like to reach out to talk paid acquisition, analytics, or would just like to catch-up, feel free to drop him a message at jp [at] embertribe [dot] com.

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