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Last Updated April 28, 2021


Google Chrome: Anticipating the Removal of Third-Party Cookies

Google is finally making good on its 2020 announcement that it would permanently remove third party cookies from Chrome. They're not exactly trailblazers, as Mozilla Firefox and Safari have already done this, but Google’s action is a big deal because Chrome has approximately 2 billion active installs.

Google will still allow the use of first party cookies but you can kiss third party cookies goodbye. Digital advertisers will still be able to gather data via cookies from their own websites, but developing a robust profile of their visitors across multiple sites will be much more difficult. Worry not! It won't be impossible to get a fuller picture of consumers—Google itself may still compile visitor data across websites in the Chrome browser.

How Advertisers Can Prepare for the New Data Privacy Landscape

We don't have a crystal ball that can predict what other changes to data privacy we should expect (unfortunately), but we do know that digital advertisers should always be prepared to with a plan B to keep reaching audiences.

Keep up with data privacy changes, and always keep your digital advertising best practices agile! Sustainable growth means never relying on one method or platform so much that your strategies are turned upside-down by updates from tech companies or lawmakers.

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