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Last Updated April 26, 2021
On this episode of TribeTalk, Chris speaks with Sarah, a brand owner of WET Swimwear. They discuss what it takes to rebrand an eCommerce apparel company and how to choose the right marketing partner for your needs.

What is it like going through a rebrand?

WET Swimwear is a contemporary swim and surf apparel brand with markets in the United States and Taiwan. Their team wasn't super comfortable with the styles they were carrying because they just weren't taking off, so Sarah headed up a rebrand to add more prints and styles that would work well with both of their markets.
A big part of WET Swimwear's rebranding process was updating their website and digital presence to match their new focus. Sarah led the charge with making a more user-friendly website, picking out assets, and using images that would make the brand more relatable to the people visiting.

How do you decide between in-house marketing and a marketing agency?

Sarah knew that she wanted to be hands off and let go of the marketing reins a little bit. She wasn't familiar with ad buying marketing strategies but was willing to give it a try to see what other marketing strategies are out there. Working with EmberTribe was a wake up call for new ways to drive sales.
Her advice for when you're deciding between hiring an in-house marketing professional and a marketing agency is to leave it to the experts! When you're running a brand you need to focus on what's important, so consider closely what the most valuable use of your time is at the moment.
If you have the capacity to take on an in-house marketer and work with them to test strategies, that might be a good option for you. However, if you're looking for people who have a wealth of experience in running marketing campaigns already, you might want to go with an agency.
In the end, make sure you are working with good communicators who can speak to you at a level you understand, and that you can rely on for updates.
To find out more about how EmberTribe partnered with WET Swimwear to increase AOV and improve ROAS through smart testing, check out this case study.

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