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Last Updated April 27, 2021


Today’s female demographic requires a little more customization of messaging than generalizations for all female customers. We need to focus more on the specific needs of the target market that just so happens to be female. To help you avoid some stereotype pitfalls, we’ve put together a few tips for marketing to your female prospects. 

Tip # 1: Don’t say that it’s for women

Make it cute, but don’t point out it’s cute. We want what we buy to be attractive, affordable, and functional. We don’t want you to tell us that it’s specifically made for women, we want the colors and patterns to reflect that sentiment. 

Check out this hilarious scene from The Ellen Show of her roasting Bic for making “Pens for her”. 


The exception to this rule is marketing to men to buy a gift for a woman. Then it’s perfectly okay to call out that it’s “for women”. 

Different types of women like different things and will react to different types of messaging. We recommend breaking your prospects into smaller target audiences such as mothers with babies, singles in their 20’s, etc. 

Tip #2: Pink doesn’t equal for women

If your approach to females is to produce a pink version of your product, we hear you telling us that all we care about is makeup and sparkles - insulting. But what we won’t tell you is we DO care about it being cute. I don’t want a plain black water bottle, I want a water bottle that’s covered in a cute pattern or color but I’m not going to let you know that. Point is women like other colors besides pink, try a bright turquoise or yellow. (And there are men that like pink too!)

Tip #3: Use Influencers 

Women are especially communal and keen to trends of what others are doing, even more so than their male counterparts. Studies show that 86 percent of women consult social media before making a purchase, and who are they looking to? Their favorite influencer who has the same skin tone, body shape, aged child or taste. 

Here’s a really good usage of female influencers for an outdoor brand. 

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