Cyber Week 2019 - TribeTalk EP 22

Last Updated April 27, 2021

Check out this TribeTalk from our Marketing Specialist, Kathryn Betancourt chatting with one of our Account Directors, Jayca Pike. 

Cyber Week 2019

Are you ready? We are about a week away from Cyber Week 2019. If you’re an eCommerce company we’re sure you are feeling all the pre-cyber week feels right about now. You probably look about like Kermit in this gif, not quite sure if you’re excited or terrified. 

Good news, The National Retail Foundation is predicting a 14% increase over 2018 in online sales this holiday season. 

The biggest motivator? Deals. So make sure to have deals that are worth buying and have your ads literally flashing at your potential customers. 

You can expect a younger demographic of shoppers during Cyber Week. While 69% of those surveyed said they planned to shop during Cyber Week, the number jumps above 80% for shoppers 18-34. 

Even in an increasingly digital world, some folks still love the mad rush experience of Black Friday: 47% of shoppers say they will shop in-store compared to 41% who plan to do their shopping online. Although customers might be going to the store, it will be those Pre-Black Friday ads driving them there. 

black friday
When asked for her #1 tip for BFCM, Jayca Pike (one of our esteemed Account Directors) said AUTOMATION. Why go crazy making sure you get things posted between your family’s Thanksgiving dinner and your favorite football game when you can get all your ads scheduled beforehand? Not to mention the slow approval times from ad platforms during Cyber Week. You definitely want to get everything loaded in your account and scheduled in advance. Take advantage of setting up rules for your campaigns and let Facebook and Google do all the major work with just a little bit of monitoring. 

Check out our BFCM guide for late minute BFCM tips! 

Facebook’s New Ad Personalization Features

Facebook announced last week they are releasing new ad personalization features Which will make it easier to personalize ads that can scale. Many advertisers don’t have the time or budget to personalize their ads manually, but these new features will allow you to do just that thanks to machine learning. 

The new update allows you to dynamically show different types of ad formats and information based on what users are most likely to respond to. Some users are more likely to convert on a specific format of an ad and this personalization will serve the user with the ad that has proven to work best for that individual. This will, of course, come with limits such as types of ads, types of optimizations allowed, the inability to duplicate, etc. 

The Multiple text optimization feature will enable advertisers to input several text options for the primary text, headline and description fields. It will optimize for delivery and performance using variations of the text options provided, based on individual preferences identified by the machine learning models. We are excited about using this option to personalize text that can speak directly to the user based on location, profession, etc.  

These new updates should improve advertiser performance and consumer experience. Facebook’s been testing this new personalization and found an average 34% improvement in incremental ROAS, 10% improvement in lift, and 6% lower cost per incremental purchase, compared to carousel-only ads.

Tiktok Talks Social Commerce Capabilities 

TikTok recently confirmed that they will be introducing social commerce through shoppable videos. Since April of this year, TikTok has had biddable ads that you could buy through representatives. The shoppable videos will be a great improvement for advertising on the platform. 

Social commerce continues to grow as platforms add more shoppable capabilities decreasing the gap between product exploration and purchase. Pinterest and Instagram launched this sort of thing a while ago and has continued to expand. 

We’re excited to experiment with advertising on TikTok and the new creative types of ads it will unlock for our clients. 

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