Facebook Rolls Out New Features for Holiday Shopping - TribeTalk EP 60

Last Updated April 26, 2021


Facebook is rolling out multiple new features for eCommerce businesses going into the holiday season and we’re unpacking (or unwrapping 🎁) them in this week’s TribeTalk.

Do the holidays make you feel like this:


Or like this:


If you’re 100% option one...phew, can we get some of those powerful positive vibes? 

If you’re more option two, we have some news from Facebook that might move you to more of an option one situation. 

New features are rolling out just in time for the holidays. Let’s check them out. 🔎

❄️ Ads with Product Tags on Instagram

Ads with product tags will make it easier for your customers to discover new products and shop your store, with the added benefit of driving traffic to product detail pages on Instagram.

Instagram tested product tags for organic Shopping posts for over a year, but this roll out allows marketers to create ads with product tags within Ads Manager. These product tags are available for photos, videos, and carousels.

❄️ Discount Feature in Facebook Shops 

Facebook is testing discount features for shops in the US, that will allow eCommerce brands to put individual products on sale, create automatically applied offers, or allow customers to apply discount codes. 

❄️ New Ways to Reach Shoppers

Shopping engagement custom audiences - These are segments of shoppers who have taken certain actions (such as interacting with a product tag) that can be re-engaged by any type of ad.

Shopping lookalike audiences - These are audiences with similar interests to your existing shoppers.

❄️ Kicking Off Small Business Supports

From October 30 - November 27, 2020, Facebook will make every Friday #BuyBlackFriday to help boost Black-owned businesses based in the US.

Facebook is also offering additional help and support to small businesses getting holiday ready through its Season of Support portal, which houses downloadable resources, lessons, video modules, and chat support.

What do you think of these new features from Facebook? Will you be utilizing any of the new roll-outs as you prepare for the holiday season? 

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