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Last Updated April 27, 2021

Mark your calendars and get ready! Facebook has announced that, starting next February 2021, they will begin rolling out enforcements on ad limits.

Less is more, according to Facebook

Facebook wants advertisers to know that more ads doesn’t necessarily equate to better-performing ads. In fact, too many ads means added stress to optimize and may prevent ad creatives from getting critical impressions, or even cause ads to get stuck in the Learning Phase for longer than anticipated. 

The more ads are put through the algorithm, the more Facebook learns. However, more ads = less time each version is served, and thus longer Learning Phases and fewer insights overall.

Facebook even reported that 4 in 10 ads never graduate from the Learning Phase. 😱 So that basically means 6 out of 10 ads are just wasting ad budget to tread water then sink.

To sum it up real quick: You could be hurting your ad performance (and budget) by running a high volume of ads.

What to know about the upcoming limits

Facebook will group advertisers into one of four types based on their size. A Page’s size will be determined by its highest spend in a month, not on the ad account itself.The groups will be determined by the account’s ad spend within the past year. Higher spend means a higher ad creatives limit. 

Here’s a breakdown of of advertiser size and corresponding ad limits:

Image Credit: Facebook for Business

Advertisers can locate their assigned ad limit size via Business Manager. Once an advertiser has reached their limit, they will not be able to launch additional ads until they remove or disable some live ads. 


How to prepare

With this change on the horizon, here’s how you can start preparing:

  • Remember, there is no ad limit per ad account but rather per Page. Since multiple ad accounts may run ads for a Page, you will want to make sure you’ve aware of your limit and every ad that is live for your Page.
  • Page Admins can impose parameters on partners to help prevent them from reaching the ad limits
  • Combine ad sets
  • Decrease the number of ads per ad set
  • Turn off ads that aren’t contributing to your goals

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