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Last Updated April 27, 2021


What Does the iOS 14 Launch Mean for Your Facebook Campaigns?

Apple has been in the news recently for its soon-to-launch iOS 14 update. This update is set to include new features that will help users control their privacy and security settings, especially regarding apps that track users across services. 

That has some businesses worried about the implications of the iOS 14 launch.

What’s new with iOS 14?

Apple’s new update will require users to actively opt-in to ad tracking, a big change from the current requirements. Users will receive a notification asking if they would like to give permission to the app to track behavior across apps and websites in order to receive personalized ads. 

The plus side: more transparency and control over privacy for users. The downside: big potential impact on advertisers that rely on app tracking.

One big name company expected to take some hits from this new update is Facebook.

What to expect (for now)

  • Facebook has reportedly been meeting with key advertising partners about these changes to communicate the expected updates. 
  • Unless you're an app company, you'll be fine to continue as usual because Facebook isn’t planning to play by Apple’s rules. Here’s quite a bit more on the subject from a few angles.
  • Developers are expected to be given an explanatory screen to request user permission for tracking. If done right, some apps might actually benefit from this change.
  • Apple users tend to be quick to update, so once iOS 14 launches we should expect quick action from active users. 
  • The iOS 14 release is expected in September.

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