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Last Updated April 26, 2021

Check out this TribeTalk from our Director of Operations, J.P. VanderLinden chatting with one of our Account Directors, Jayca Pike.


Replacing The Pre-Check Add To Cart Widget

Yet another attempt of Facebook prioritizing privacy and weeding out spam for the consumer, the Pre-Check Add to Cart widget is gone.

facebook spam

The pre-check add to cart box was used to ensure everyone who adds to cart also gets added to your Facebook Messenger chat list. You can no longer have that box pre-checked. The only option now would be for the customer to check the box on purpose.

The consumers aren’t just missing out on spam but also practical automatic updates. For example, when their purchase has been shipped or when it will be delivered, the customer would have to intentionally check the box to receive those notifications.

How do we compensate for the loss of the pre-check? We have a couple of options.

You can do a giveaway!  We have a great blog post on this where we describe in detail how to run a successful Messenger opt-in giveaway. This is a way you can make sure that your customers are getting into your Messenger list and you can target them later when CPMs are higher.

Another option, you can use a chatbot to pop in and say hello to your customers instead of relying on a sneaky pre-check box. This will provide way better customer experience and lead to increase brand loyalty.

Although the pre-check box was great for gaining that automatic opt-in, there is greater value when customers choose to participate because they are engaged.

Spotify Ads Now on Podcasts

Up to this point, marketers have been able to run self-serve 30-second ads to Spotify Free customers. The ads are served during music breaks, and come with a clickable image and a link for customers to visit your site. Now Spotify is making a push on the podcast front. The new addition allows audio ads on podcasts served on the platform in the same manner.

Spotify acquired a couple of podcast companies last year and even signed some exclusive deals. The most noteworthy one being the Obamas podcast which is getting a lot of traction. As we all know the Obama’s bring the party!


Spotify is also beta testing being able to focus on certain podcast categories such as sports, politics, finance podcasts, etc.

This is a huge opportunity for advertisers, as 32% of Americans over the age of 12 have listened to a podcast in the last month. This is a new space to get your message out in this quasi digital, quasi offline platform.

The question many are asking is how do we get tracking? There’s a link you can click but people don’t always click it. There have been some experiments with unique codes or direct URLs.

Our point here is the market is out there. We have a couple of clients that are testing advertising on Spotify and would definitely encourage you to check it out and see if it’s a good fit for your brand.

New Features to Facebook Video Creation Kit

We all know Video ads are very engaging and gain a lot of attention.You can build audiences from the video viewers. You get views that don’t cost very much. Videos are great...but they have been pretty hard to make traditionally.

Not long ago, Facebook rolled out its own video creation kit. Although not the best at first, they have been improving the kit and have added new features recently. The new features include 20 new fonts, new templates, new stickers (which can be seasonal like “Back to School” or  “Sizzle for Summer”).

To us, the most exciting update is the new save to draft feature. This means when your internet goes down, your device dies, or something distracts you from your work (squirrel!)


you can come back to your saved draft. We know that sounds simple but it surprisingly was not an option before.

The pain point the kit is solving is the fact that most companies don’t have video capabilities in-house. There are good mobile apps that could do the trick such as Ripl, Over, Videoshop, Videoleap, and Adobe Spark. These apps work, but in our opinion the Facebook Video Creation Kit is better. It’s literally one click to create a video for all the placements with static images. So if you have just static images to work with you can put together a super engaging video ad in a short 15 minutes.


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