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Last Updated April 27, 2021

Check out this TribeTalk from our Marketing Specialist, Kathryn Betancourt chatting with our Director of Operations, J.P. VanderLinden.

Facebook Updated Video Metrics

Remember Facebook’s inflated video metrics back in 2016? They may now have to shell out $40 million to advertisers, on top of the $5 billion FTC fine they already got slapped with. 

That may explain why in the last couple of months, Facebook made some changes to how video campaigns run and are measured.  


The default optimization for video view campaigns has changed to "ThruPlay". "ThruPlay" optimizes for either video view completion OR 15-seconds (whichever is less). Facebook found that ThruPlay optimization produced better brand recall and brand lift.10-second video view, Unique 10-second video view, Cost per 10-second video view are deprecated and will be removed entirely in October. 

Our takeaway? Facebook just confirmed that 15 seconds is the MAGIC number for how long a video should be on paid social, hence "completion or 15-second" optimization. 

magic number

Facebook Brings Lead Generation to Messenger

We love chatbots! We’ve been in on that train for a long time and recommend all of our clients test them out. Now Facebook is making them even easier to use. 

In August, Facebook incorporated lead gen into Messenger. This is like “Bots Lite”, for folks scared of ManyChat or Chatfuel. You can ask questions, collect data, and send reminders to people who start questions but don't finish. Check out the article here for more tips and information on how to use it. 

Lead Gen
Our takeaway? Test, test test! Compare it to Lead Ads for what your real CPA is, and test lead quality vs. Lead Ads, landing pages.

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