Simplifying Ad Creation, Checkouts, and Fulfillment Services - TribeTalk EP 13

Last Updated April 27, 2021

Check out this TribeTalk from our Marketing Specialist, Kathryn Betancourt chatting with one of our Account Directors, Chris Grippo.

Shopify’s Recent Acquisition

On TribeTalk EP 5, we discussed Shopify’s new fulfillment service. There’s been an important recent update. 

Shopify just invested almost ½ a BILLION dollars in their fulfillment service. The investment was an acquisition of the warehouse automation tech developer, 6 River Systems. 

The acquisition gives Shopify access to the same robotics experts that built Amazon’s own robotic infrastructure. With the new technology, they hope to reduce shipping costs and delivery speed. The goal here is SAME DAY DELIVERY! 

Square Product Photography Studio

Square Photo Studio has AWESOME product photography for only $9.99! This isn’t a paid ad…. but we’re excited about Square’s product photography studio. It’s extremely cheap for professional product photography and could have a huge impact on your sales. We all know images can really drive conversions. 

Why have product images like this? 


When you can have product images like this. 


Facebook’s Testing Two New Ad Features

Facebook’s now testing in-app checkout for Facebook ads and a new ad unit for Instagram. Our team has been eager to see ad checkout for some time now and are very excited about this. The in-app checkout is for dynamic ads and will allow you to purchase the product directly from the ad. Check out the example below! 

FB checkout

Facebook’s also testing turning organic shopping posts into Instagram ads. A Facebook spokesperson commented, “Businesses have found success with shopping posts and will be able to reach new targeted audiences in a way that’s familiar to people”. 

Snapchat’s ‘Instant Create’

Snapchat’s “Instant Create” is SUPER easy to use. It allows advertisers the ability to build and run a single Snap ad in three quick steps.

This makes it simple to enter advertising on Snapchat without having to spend a lot of time and resources. We even think Snapchat’s “Instant Create” is better than Facebook’s “Video Creation Kit”. 


If you aren’t advertising on Snapchat yet we definitely recommend checking it out. It’s a great prospecting strategy to use for ToFu. 

What do you think of Shopify’s new acquisition? Are you excited as we are for Facebook’s In-app checkout? Tell us in the comments below.

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