What It's Like Taking a Facebook Blueprint Certification Exam

Last Updated July 12, 2021

Facebook Blueprint Certification Exam Overview

Advertising on Facebook is not for the weak-willed. There’s a lot to know and a lot to learn about Facebook ads to master Facebook marketing skills. That’s one of the reasons there are so many educational resources about Facebook advertising—there’s so much to know!

Luckily, the overlords folks at Facebook have produced tons of learning materials for us lowly marketers. 

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The Facebook Blueprint certification exams are targeted to digital marketers looking to demonstrate advanced proficiency using Facebook advertising services across platforms. There are 8 total certification levels:

  • 100-101: Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate
  • 200-101: Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional
  • 300-101: Facebook Certified Creative Strategist Professional
  • 400-101: Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional
  • 410-101: Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional
  • 500-101: Facebook Certified Marketing Developer
  • 510-101: Facebook Certified Advanced Marketing Developer
  • 520-101: Facebook Certified Advertising API Developer

One of our own EmberTribers, Joe, set out to test what a Facebook Blueprint Certification Exam is like and determine if it’s worth the hassle. He took the 100 level “Digital Marketing Associate” course as his test. After finishing his exam (passed with flying colors!), he reported back to us about his experience.

Here’s what he had to say:

  • The reorganization of Blueprint courses made it easier to pick and choose which course to take without having to worry about prerequisites.
  • The course account and exam are easy to set up.
  • The most difficult part of the certificate course was the testing process. You will be assigned a proctor who logs in during the course, and you must be in a room with no distractions (phone, pets, other people, or even pen & paper) or risk failing due to your surroundings.
  • There were 60 questions overall, and you have to get at least a 700 (in a scoring system of 300-1000) to pass.

Some other questions that our team had for Joe about the process:

Do you think the 100 certification is necessary for Facebook competency?

No, this level is not too difficult and covers a lot of the basics that any seasoned Facebook advertiser would already have under their belt. Taking the certification exam for the 100 level is more of a resume builder than a knowledge builder for those already familiar with Facebook digital marketing.

Was there a fee attached?

Yes, the fee for each exam is $99.

Is it a lifetime or time-limited certification?

The certification is good for 1 year. 

Free Facebook Ads Training 

Facebook's Blueprint course is a great foundational tool for advertisers. But what about the spaces "in-between" where many marketers find themselves wondering how to address using ads for growth

Since our agency's inception, we've profitably spent more than $100 million on Facebook runnings ads for ourselves and our clients. We wanted to put all of this practical knowledge to work by creating a free Facebook ads training course for founders who are serious about growing their business with paid ads. 

If you're not familiar with Facebook ads yet, you will want to start with the Facebook Blueprint course. Once you're done, we recommend bookmarking our free Facebook ads course or signing up for lessons sent directly to your email inbox.

In these training modules, we outline strategies and tactics that you won't find in the Facebook help section. Take time reviewing these training videos to learn from our deep knowledge of Facebook ads. 

Final thoughts

Digital marketers seeking a higher level of proficiency in Facebook ads should consider studying up on the 200 and up level certification to get the most bang for their buck. The certification itself, while nice to have, isn’t necessary to become a competent Facebook advertiser, but the lessons can help you boost your skill level. 

The sword in the stone

And if you’re not comfortable learning the ins and outs of Facebook, it might be a good idea to bring in someone steeped in Facebook ad success. Hey, we know some people 😉.

Jump on a call with one of our growth experts. We'll talk about your goals and create a strategy to get results. 


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