Thank You Messages - TribeTalk EP 62

Last Updated April 26, 2021



Gather round! On this episode of TribeTalk we’re discussing giving thanks. Not giving thanks over mashed potatoes (but you are welcome to BYOMP -- bring your own mashed potatoes), but giving thanks to customers through targeted messaging. 

Four reasons to incorporate thank you messages into your automated emails, landing pages, and SMS channels:

  1. They help you build a healthy long-term relationship with customers, without making all of your emails seem like directives to buy, buy, buy.
  2. You can use thank you messages as a ripe opportunity to cross-sell and upsell relevant products.
  3. You’re establishing a two-way relationship to your brand, especially for full online eCommerce stores.
  4. These messages are an unobtrusive opportunity to keep the customer interested in your store with upcoming drops or discounts. 

Read up on more great reasons to fine-tune your thank you messaging in our book “Giving Thanks: Using Thank You Messages In Your Email Marketing Strategy.” 

And for more information about using ReConvert to optimize your thank you page to boost retention, check out this past TribeTalk episode.  

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