Shopify & TikTok Unite - TribeTalk EP 61

Last Updated June 9, 2021


TikTok continues to make big moves to become more competitive in the social media advertising game. We took some time this week to discuss updates from TikTok.

🤝 TikTok and Shopify are making connections!

At the end of October 2020, TikTok announced a global partnership with Shopify. TikTok reported that 88% of their users discover new content on the app, and about half said they discover new products through advertisements. With the TikTok-Shopify partnership, Shopify merchants will have even opportunities to reach TikTok users and leverage the platform for their marketing efforts. 

🧲 TikTok & Shopify, stronger together.

Make way for the TikTok Pixel. Shopify merchants using TikTok are able to connect their TikTok Pixel with one click. 

TikTok campaigns are made easy. Merchants can strategize and create their campaigns in a “one-stop-shop” with easy-to-use creative tools. 

New features are forthcoming. Though they didn’t provide details, TikTok’s recent announcement also mentioned that as their partnership with Shopify progresses, they will be testing out new features to make it easier for users to discover and shop within the app. 

🔮 Looking forward.  

We’re not fortune-tellers, but we’d put money on TikTok becoming an eCommerce advertising powerhouse in the coming years. If you’re a Shopify merchant on the fence about getting started with TikTok ads, it might be time to give it a whirl. And hey, you may even be eligible for a $300 ad credit to get started.

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