TikTok’s new Marketing Partner Program and Stitch Feature - TribeTalk EP 53

Last Updated April 27, 2021


On this week’s TribeTok (see what we did there?), EmberTriber Molly shares a bite-sized TikTok tutorial for how to use the new Stitch feature for content creators. We also share more information in our blog about TikTok’s new Marketing Partner Program. Despite the controversy around this platform, it looks like TikTok refuses to go down without a fight.

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Tiktok launches Stitch

TikTok content creators, rejoice! There’s a new feature in town to help you collaborate and share, and (hopefully) go viral.

Here’s what we know about Stitch:

  • It is a new editing feature that allows TikTok users to clip together scenes from other content creators into their own videos.
  • Users decide if they want to allow their content to be usable through Stitch. 
  • To turn off Stitch, just go to Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Safety > Disable Stitch.
  • Users can also enable or disable Stitch on individual videos.
  • The original creators of content that has been “Stitched” will be attributed in the video caption

Some other news out of Tik Tok—here comes the new Marketing Partner program for advertisers!

At the beginning of September, TikTok for Business announced a partnership with 19 companies, from agencies to technology providers, in order to support advertisers in the following ways:

  • Campaign management - planning, creating, optimizing, and measuring campaigns
  • Creative development - producing content and creative assets that fit TikTok’s platform
  • Branded effects - virtual and augmented reality services
  • Measurement - analytics solutions to target and measure campaigns

With these two announcements from TikTok, the company is proving to be a serious player in the social media advertising space, and they’re taking some major steps in securing their spot among the top platforms. 

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