Pivot Your Messaging - TribeTalk EP 36

Last Updated April 27, 2021


COVID-19 has put a wrench in a lot of things and completely changed buying behavior for Q1 & Q2, possibly the entire year.

It’s definitely become the ultimate test of brand flexibility. We’re seeing success most often from brands that have been able to adapt quickly to the times. 

We’ve seen plenty of businesses thrive, and some even reporting that they’re doing better now than they were before the quarantine! 

Home and Leisure Goods are performing the best along with brands in the Health and Fitness category. One of the fastest-growing categories is Bread Machines right up there with weight training equipment - which sounds like two different buying groups to us, but who knows?

Home and leisure

Data from ShipBob also shows an increase in Baby Products, Food and Beverage, and Beauty/Personal care. 

If your brand is not in these categories, spend time thinking about how your products are relevant right now. 

We’ve seen people pivot to focusing on products they wouldn’t normally focus on. A great example is in the beauty space, where some brands are focusing on hair dye and DIY nail kits (because you can’t go to a salon to get your glam on). Instead, you’re doing it at home. 

We noticed that one of our clients had an immune-support product and we started advertising it over their other products. The result? Their ROAS increased by 379.29%. 

What does this mean for your brand? 

1) Really step back and think about all the opportunities your product/brand has. Is it a natural relevant fit for right now? If you stock a subscription box for meals or a DIY self-tan kit, then lean into that. 

2) Think about other uses of your product that might make more sense when everyone’s spending more time at home, with family, with kids, avoiding crowds

3) Use relevant copy, but take steps to not sound like everyone else. (See this hilarious list of first lines of emails to help bring this to life.)

How is your business doing in this time? How have you had to pivot your messaging? Leave us a comment below. 

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