A Quick Guide to Snapchat Ads Best Practices

Last Updated October 12, 2020

A couple of years ago influencers began exiting the Snapchat platform. Its stock took a hit and we thought just like that we would have to say goodbye to dog filters and astoundingly snatched selfies. We were ready to call a snap “so 2018!”

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But none of that phased Snapchat. The platform has a hold on young people. It’s like a right of passage when you turn 18 (or, more realistically, 13). 

🍞 Snapchat and ROAS go together like peanut butter and jelly. →  

Currently, Snapchat has 238 million daily users who generate 3 billion snaps every single day. If you were wondering where your younger demographic hangs out online, this could be a clue. And what conclusion can you draw from this information? 

🕵️‍♀️ You might deduce that advertising on Snapchat is a smart marketing move. 

To get you started on advertising on Snapchat, we created a quick 101 Snapchat Guide to help you out. 

Ad Formats

Learn about ad formats that Snapchat offers and what to do to keep your beautiful ad from being rejected on a technicality.

Single Image or Video Ads are Snapchat ads that invite users to swipe up, which then redirect users to your landing page, video, or app. 


  • The ad is between 3 to 180 seconds long.
  • You can upload jpg, png, mp4, or mov 
  • Resolution should be 1080 x 1920 px. 
  • You can include branding up to 25 characters and a headline up to 34 characters
  • Select your own CTA text

Story Ads allow your brand to appear as a tile in the Discover section. You can use this story as a collection of all your ads too. 


  • The ad is between 3 to 180 seconds long.
  • Composed of a collection of 3-20 ads 
  • You can include branding up to 25 characters and a headline up to 34 characters
  • Select your own CTA text
  • You can add attachments which will be shown after users swipe up.

Custom filters allow you to showcase your business in a fun and interactive way that fits seamlessly into the Snapchat experience. 


  • You will need a 1080 x 2340 px image, with 300 KB size limit
  • Your image must be a .png with a transparent background 
  • Your filter must always have a portrait orientation
  • Branding should take up less than 25% of the screen
  • You must have a 210 px buffer space and the top and the bottom for users with larger phones

Snapchat Ads Manager Pointers ☝️

Like every platform, the Snapchat ads manager can be used to optimize your campaign. Here’s just a snapshot of tips and tricks:

Try deep linking - Snapchat allows for deep linking, which means you can land on a particular section of a mobile application. With this option, you can re-engage users who haven’t engaged with your app in a while or direct new audiences to download your app. 

The beginning is everything - Introduce your brand in the first 2 seconds of a Snapchat ad. This is the time that captures the attention of a user and will make the most impact. 

Call to action - Always have a call to action in the opening frame so that the user is motivated to take action. 

Don’t forego audio - 60% of Snapchat users have the sound on. This means you can use the audio of an ad to drive emotional engagement, maybe even use voice over call to actions. 

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