3 Questions To Ask To Get Better PPC Campaign Performance [Video]

Last Updated April 26, 2021


In order to scale your campaigns and avoid past mistakes, it's VERY important to keep track of what you're doing. This is why we plan ahead and keep track of our results using a "testing queue."

However, just keeping track is not enough. Understanding your audience, what you can offer them, and the timing of your offer is what will set you apart and lead to success in your campaigns.

In Today's Quick Tip Tuesday, JP gives you another perspective when handling your PPC campaigns and tells how to breathe new life into them with these simple pointers:





Josh: "All right, so, J.P., one of the things that we do uniquely at EmberTribe is we manage this thing called a testing-queue to try to breathe new life into campaigns. Can you explain a little bit about what that is?"

J.P: "Yeah, it's a really intentional, planned out way of documenting what steps we're gonna take to expand campaigns both horizontally and vertically to keep them going, scale up, and be really responsive."

Josh: "Awesome. So, I know that this has been a breakthrough strategy for a lot of our clients and really the fuel for this process is asking really good questions.

So like, the better questions you can ask about how these different paid advertising channels are working, the better outputs you're gonna get.

So what's kind of your process for asking those questions and maybe what are the categories that they fall into?"

J.P: "Sure, ultimately, they usually come down to audience, offer, and timing.

Audience Offer Timing


When you're thinking about audience, you're really trying to figure out what makes your user, your target, unique?

What Makes Your Target User Unique


Is it their job title? Maybe you wanna consider how old they are or what ethnicity they are, where they live, what interests they have like television shows or cars that they drive.

What is it that sets them apart from anybody else on the street?

For offer, you wanna consider what problem you solve. Does your user even know they have a problem? Do they care? Is it costing them time? Is it costing them money?

What Problem You Solve?


And then, how do you solve that problem better than the 14 other companies that are trying to do the same thing? Or are you unique in the space? You're the only one solving it.

And finally, when it comes down to timing. And by timing, I don't mean day parts, or days of the week,
or anything like that. I'm considering where they are in the purchase funnel.

What's their familiarity with you brand?

Do They Know Your Brand?


Are you re-targeting them or is this a cold outreach?

Are they aware of your competitors?

Do they know what to look for?

Have they engaged with any of your content before?

Do you maybe have an offer like a white paper or a webinar that can help educate them about those needs and how you solve them.

And then how do you match that offer up to where they are in the purchase funnel?"

Josh: "Awesome. So it's a really holistic way to think about your target audience and about, really, the message that you're bringing to them. And I guess at the end of the day it is about just asking good questions.

If you have an organized framework like this to use, seems like anybody can improve or optimize their campaigns or take it to the next level."

J.P: "It sure beats off-the-cuff strategies and a wall of Post-it notes."

Josh: "Yeah, definitely. Well, thanks for sharing, J.P."

J.P: "You bet."

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