How to Use Microsoft Advertising for B2B Lead Generation [Video]

Last Updated April 26, 2021


Bing offers a great opportunity for businesses to generate extra leads not only for less but it also has certain features that makes it better than its main competitor, Adwords.

In Today's Quick Tip Tuesday, JP talks about how B2B advertisers can generate leads with Bing and why it's important to consider this lead generating channel.





Josh: "So, JP, tell us a little bit about how we can use Bing if we're in a B2B space. We want to reach that business user."

J.P: "So, the biggest advantage that Bing has is that Microsoft still holds huge sway in those enterprise environments where IT has your browsers locked down or where users just don't think to change the main browser on their computer.

Because in all those cases, Bing is the standard search engine out of the box for those users."

Josh: "So, for better or for worse, the bulk of corporate America is using Bing, just because by virtue of having
Internet Explorer installed on their machine by default. Got it.

So, beyond the fact that your target users probably using Bing, by virtue of what we know, what are some other things about the platform that might be helpful if you're trying to reach a business user?"

J.P: "In short, it's less competition.

Because people don't think of Bing first, they tend to go to AdWords first.

It results in 36% less competition between advertisers for the same terms.

Combine that with the fact that you're getting 50 to 70% lower cost per click on Bing, and it's a huge opportunity to get in front of more people than you would before for a lower cost."

Adwords vs Bing Ads


Josh: "So, I mean, at half the cost, your money goes very, very far.

Not to mention, if you're reaching a business user, your deal size is going to be a lot bigger, so, what else about the platform might work strategically, kind of in your favor?"

J.P: "So, if you've got a lot of locations for your business, in Google, you have to either put those all into one campaign together, or if you want to break out by choose, you have to have different campaigns.

In Bing, you can still have one campaign, but have ad groups broken out to different location.

So, it's a nice feature.

In addition, just like Google, they have search partners, but they let you choose.

So, if you want to run on AOL, you want to run your ads on Yahoo, you can pick that, specifically, on Bing, Google doesn't allow that.

Bing Ad Network


And they don't report transparently on where your ads show up. Bing does, so, that's a nice feature."

Josh: "That's amazing.

So, it's a less crowded channel, we know the target users are on Bing, and you have this extra ability to be granular with your targeting.

It sounds like a pretty powerful combination."

J.P: "Yeah, it definitely needs to be part of your arsenal if you're doing B2B acquisition."

Josh: "Awesome, thanks, JP."

J.P: "You bet."

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