Using LinkedIn Marketing Solutions for Lead Generation

Last Updated April 27, 2021

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions can be used by B2B marketers to attract qualified leads.

A number of factors come into play when it comes to effective B2B marketing. You find yourself reviewing a budget, outlining your ideal demographic, and imagining the best possible buyer’s journey to convert sales.

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Whatever your plan, the constant goal remains the same: generate leads. Don’t we all want that sweet feeling of connecting with an individual who is actually interested in our product? And when a customer makes a purchase, you just know the right cogs are in motion.  

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But generating leads takes a certain amount of experimentation and expertise. First of all, you have to figure out where the leads actually are! When it comes to attracting qualified leads through inbound marketing, you might be wondering where to find the right decision-makers. Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn?

Ah, LinkedIn marketing. Let’s talk about that.

Isn’t LinkedIn for Bragging About Your Connections at Work?

Sure, your first thought maybe but I’m not looking to sell to my professional network. That’s fair, but let’s think outside the box!

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LinkedIn is so much more than just Facebook for professionals—it’s a social network that connects businesses and professionals organically. In 2019 LinkedIn was ranked number one as the most trusted social media platform among users, giving your business built-in credibility. 

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LinkedIn is one of the easiest places to score qualified leads. Instead of throwing a net out to the sea of users on, say, Facebook without knowing how many of them are actually decision-makers, through LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, you can narrow your audience based on a job position. For instance, you can customize your LinkedIn Matched Audiences by job position, job title, and line of work. 

As a B2B marketer, LinkedIn is a good place to find a concentration of decision-makers and managers. According to Statista, LinkedIn is the second most popular social media platform for B2B marketers. Instead of reaching 99 sales development representatives and 1 manager receiving your ad on Instagram, with LinkedIn, you can target the 1 manager. 

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Now that’s a big deal for B2B businesses that rely on lead generation, especially those businesses with smaller sales teams!

With LinkedIn, B2B advertisers can narrow a target audience to the people that matter, saving you time, effort, and investment. Don’t you want to know you’re putting your content in the line of sight of the right people?

How To Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

A good campaign strategy eliminates unqualified leads and gives your business visibility. The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions ad manager is brilliant for eliminating unqualified leads with a myriad of strategic solutions and options that can strengthen your promotional campaign. 

LinkedIn lead generation features to consider if you’re a B2B marketer:

  • Sponsored content. Reach your targeted audience and let them see your business and what you can offer through the native LinkedIn ad format. 
  • Lead generation forms. This is a great way to get a list of leads directly. You can insert your lead gen form within sponsored InMail or provide resources in exchange for information. 
  • Write original posts. Create an authoritative voice as a market leader in the industry by frequently publishing useful articles. With this approach, you can reach people who may not be in your network to follow you for the content. 
  • Use Dynamic Ads that fit your objective. For instance, you can use Follower Ads to connect with active LinkedIn users. Spotlight Ads feature a clear call-to-action that leads to your website or landing page. Content Ads encourage your audience to download valuable content such as whitepapers and generate leads when they do so. 

Have you considered running paid social on LinkedIn for your B2B company? It might be about time you gave it a try!

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