Why LinkedIn Company Pages Are A Good (Free) Investment

Last Updated April 27, 2021

When it comes to making your business visible across different social media platforms, making a profile on LinkedIn may not even cross your mind. What’s the point? Are people even going to interact with your brand on there? You might think LinkedIn is boring and only good for uploading your resume. 

Except it’s not.

LinkedIn is fast becoming the most trusted social platform online. On top of this, more than half of the digital users follow and trust an account’s social activity over ads alone. That lets us know that brands that build a social media presence are more trusted by consumers—and a business using LinkedIn has the added advantage of building a presence on a trusted platform

You get the point. LinkedIn should definitely make the roster for your digital marketing strategy. 

A LinkedIn Company Page Deserves the Same Attention as LinkedIn Ads

If you're already using LinkedIn ads via LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, you should round out your strategy with a LinkedIn company page. For one thing, it’s totally free.

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If that’s not enough reason, here are some advantages of creating a LinkedIn page:

  • With a company page, your business can share multiple aspects of your brand through LinkedIn Showcase pages. 
  • You can post job opportunities in your organization. This is where potential candidates can see what it’s like working for your company and another way to connect with LinkedIn audiences.
  • As a B2B marketer, you get to connect to thousands of business owners, managers, and decision-makers and engage with them organically by sharing content and updates.
  • There are tons of resources to use your LinkedIn page to engage with your target audience, such as community hashtags, blog posts, and an “invite to follow” feature. 

👉 Curious about using LinkedIn for B2B lead generation? 

What are You Waiting For?

A comprehensive LinkedIn Company page increases your chances of visibility thanks to the platform’s algorithm. 

To get started, you just need your company logo and a concise, captivating company overview. LinkedIn gives users control over customizing a call-to-action button and voila! You’re ready to go. 


When engaging with your audience, you don't have to hunt down the hippest, most in-the-know millennial in your office (phew!). You can utilize hashtags to reach more users, plus LinkedIn helps you discover what your target audience is currently interested in through a list of trending themes. 

Pro tip: You can use this information to plan articles and conceptualize your next campaign. 

Will They Notice Me?

Now might be thinking “sounds easy enough, wouldn’t every competitor do the same thing?” How do you get an edge and stand out on a new platform?

It’s simple. Create content that stands out.

Let’s look at what some of the Best LinkedIn Pages of 2019 did that made LinkedIn audiences take notice.

  • Shared short video clips with subtitles that keep viewers watching through to the end (without having to turn on sound).
  • Shared unique resources such as original research and post relevant quotes and snippets from the longer content.
  • Highlighted company culture and values to build trust with job seekers and potential clients. 

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At the end of the day, how you choose to build your LinkedIn Page and create content will be dependent on your target audience. 

The moral of this story is: if you’re in the process of building a social media presence for your business, you should seriously consider adding a LinkedIn Page to your portfolio. 

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