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Last Updated April 27, 2021

A big part of our job as marketers is keeping up with what’s hot in digital marketing, and that means sifting through a lot of headlines, Twitter feeds, newsletters, and Facebook groups. It’s just part of the grind, but we like it. ⚙️

There are a lot of great resources to help marketers and business owners stay hip to the word on the street, and we thought we’d take a few minutes to share some of our favorites with y’all. 

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Here’s what we’ve been loving reading (in no particular order):

Stacked Marketer

What it is: Stacked Marketer is a daily newsletter of curated digital marketing news and boots on the ground intelligence from social media about social media.

Why we like it: Great headlines to skim without actually having to search out the news and a focus on current events in digital marketing. Curious about the TikTok saga? Wondering about changes in Google’s algorithms? They’ve got it all! Plus, excellent email subject lines and a daily brain teaser.

Practical Advice on SaaS Marketing

What it is: Practical Advice on SaaS Marketing is exactly what it claims to be—a blog with expert insights from a seasoned SaaS marketing advisor, Peter Cohen. Your inbox won’t be inundated with updates from this blog since updates are made monthly.

Why we like it: Cute illustrations and easy-to-understand advice about SaaS marketing that could just as easily be coming from your next door neighbor. While this blog doesn’t cover hard-hitting news from the world of SaaS marketing, the posts are full of actionable tips from an aficionado.

Search Engine Land

What it is: A website with current news about Google, Bing, social networks, and other digital marketing fixtures.  

Why we like it: Search Engine Land is a great resource for keeping tabs on topics around SEO and SEM. Like most businesses, we are always working on building our organic traffic alongside paid traffic, so keeping tabs on what those tech giants are doing at Apple, Google, and Microsoft is a must. 


What it is: Of the resources on this list, Adweek is probably the most recognizable. This publication touches on all things brand marketing, from Apple releases to ad creative from some of the most recognizable brands. 

Why we like it: Adweek is entertaining, plain and simple. If you’re interested in the convergence of popular cultures, brands, and marketing, this is a great site to sift through. Personally, the reporting on food and beverage companies is a big draw, but we stay for the informative digital marketing news.

The Daily Carnage

What it is: This recommendation is two-fold. The Daily Carnage is actually a newsletter compiled by Carney marketing agency. However, what we’re linking to is the related Facebook group that’s full of curious marketing professionals ready to network and dole out good advice.

Why we like it: This one is personal for me. I have had wonderful interactions with members of this group. The people tend to have a great sense of humor (obviously a huge draw 😉), and the forum welcomes questions from all walks of digital marketing, from non-profit fundraising to branding, content creation, and—of course—paid social.

How do you keep up with marketing news? If you've got any reading recommendations, drop them in the comments! 👇

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