Great Scott! The Future of Marketing is…The Value of Video

Last Updated April 26, 2021

⏱️ This post is part of a blog series, “Great Scott! The Future of Marketing is...” that will answer questions about marketing trends from emerging technologies to changing views about the role and purpose of marketing.

Video Content is Extremely Popular

When you receive the weekly (unsolicited) screen time report from your (judgmental) smartphone, ever wonder how much of that time was devoted to watching videos? 

The average person consumes around 100 minutes a day—or 11 hours per week—of video content. That’s the equivalent of watching 25 continuous days of video in 2020 (which may actually feel achievable given the year we’ve had). 

More video content is uploaded in 30 days than the major U.S. television networks have created in 30 years. Put another way, it would take you more than 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks in one month of 2021.


Considering the proliferation of content, it’s no wonder people are giving so much of their time and attention to video. And where there’s time and attention (and ROI), you better believe there are marketers. 

Video Marketing Is Dominating Social Media

Video has always been part of the marketer’s playbook, but video marketing for social media has taken over the internet in the last 10 years. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn are developing more options for video in response. And if the popularity of apps like TikTok are any indication, short-form videos are the rising star within the trend.

Despite launching globally just three years ago, TikTok made the top 10 list of the most downloaded apps of the 2010s. Available in 150 markets, the 15-second video app boasts an impressive 2 billion downloads and counting. It was one of the most downloaded free apps in the Apple App store this year, second only to Zoom, which is almost a public utility at this point.

Social videos offer marketers the opportunity to tell their brand’s story in a memorable and sharable format. When executed properly, the impact is considerable. Marketers who use video report a 54% increase in brand awareness and 66% more qualified leads per year. A whopping 93% of marketers say they’ve landed new customers thanks to the use of video on social media.

High-quality videos have a few things in common: they’re engaging, direct, and elicit a strong emotional response. Brands that inspire a higher emotional intensity receive three times as much word of mouth marketing as less emotionally connected brands.

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Video Types That Add Marketing Value

There are many types of videos available to marketers, and they each serve their own unique purpose. 

Testimonials lend legitimacy, add credibility, and foster trust between consumers and the brand. Ninety-two percent of people said that they consider testimonials when making a purchase, and 79% of consumers prefer to watch a video as opposed to reading a text-based review. 

Today’s consumer considers more than just the product and its price point. About Us videos help tell the story of your brand and showcase company culture. In a crowded marketplace, consumers will seek brands that align with their values. 

Product videos let customers see your product in action and give you a chance to highlight its strengths. More than half of consumers surveyed by MediaPost said they felt more confident in making a purchase online after watching a product video.

How To and Explainer videos offer step-by-step instructions for completing a task related to your product or business. They increase awareness, establish your authority as an expert, and provide an opportunity to connect with your audience by sharing information without asking for something in return.

Event videos are a great way to capitalize on the work you’ve already done to create a memorable, social media-friendly atmosphere. They give attendees a chance to reminisce and promote their affiliation by sharing content, and provide a healthy dose of FOMO for those who missed out. 

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Before incorporating videos into your marketing strategy, consider your audience—which platforms do they spend time on, and what type of content will they appreciate? Appreciation leads to interaction, and interaction leads to engagement. And sustained engagement brings the one thing we all want for Christmas—ROI.

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