Creating a Marketing Growth System - TribeTalk EP 63

Last Updated May 19, 2021


Creating a Marketing Growth System

Halley, Director of Marketing for EmberTribe, gives us a rundown of why paid traffic isn’t enough to drive growth—you need to fine-tune a whole growth system.

We run a lot of paid traffic, so we know it’s a huge asset to producing sustainable, predictable growth for businesses. However, an effective marketing growth system will encompass:

  • Paid traffic (think of this as the engine of your system - it keeps your growth going)
  • Organic traffic
  • Retargeting funnels (think email, SMS, messenger)
  • Nurturing funnels 
  • Offers - making sure your offer/market match works

Maintain Your Growth System with Active Management

What makes your growth system effective, and not just another “strategy,” is active management of that system. Basically, you can’t just create automated emails or a single ad set and hope it all comes together.


Imagine your growth system is like a car. If you don’t practice routine maintenance, that car is going to have some problems. It might even break down! So you have to take care of your growth system and make sure all the parts are working properly on their own and as a whole vehicle for growth.

Smart Ads Testing is Key

You need to create a system based on smart testing. For example, EmberTribe’s smart testing outlook is based on the scientific method. It’s a repeatable process that hones in on asking educated questions and gathering data that supports or does not support a hypothesis. As you gather more data and ask more specific questions, you can build a data-backed growth system that is primed for sustainable growth. 

The EmberTribe method for testing looks like this:

  1. Observation
  2. Hypothesis
  3. Test
  4. Results
  5. Conclusion
  6. Optimize
  7. Repeat

A Growth System is Deliberate

You can’t go in for half a growth system. This is costly, time consuming, and won’t perform the way you want it to. Would you go in for half of a heart surgery, bail out mid-slice, and refuse physical therapy? No!! 

Basically, you have to commit to a growth system, because it’s not the same as just running paid traffic or just running organic social. You want these components to work well together, and to be set up for the same goals. You can’t half-a** it. You have to whole-a** your growth system.

Before you decide to add another strategy, hack, or tool to your marketing plan, ask yourself: is this contributing to my growth system, or is this just adding more work?


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