5 Ways To Revamp Your Email Marketing - TribeTalk EP 29

Last Updated April 27, 2021


Looking for ways to bring in more revenue without adding budget to your paid media channels? Here's 5 easy ways you can bring in more sales by revamping your email marketing in 2020.

  1. Personalization
  2. Responsive
  3. Streamline Content
  4. Sending Regularly 
  5. A/B Test More


Make your customers feel like you are speaking directly to them by adding personalization. You can do this by adding first name parameters in subject lines and/or the body of your email. This will help your email stand out from other emails and the customer will feel like you’re talking to them. 

who me

If you’re an eCommerce brand, make sure abandoned cart emails feature the dynamic cart items. When your customers see items that they’ve already been looking at or similar items they are more likely to come back to your site and make a purchase. Also, try adding subscription reminders based on the time of the customers last purchase. Although it’s an upsell, it will feel very helpful to your customers who actually need that reminder to restock on your product. 


By responsive we mean making sure everything works properly and looks attractive to the eye on all devices and platforms. 

Always test your emails on mobile! Most customers check personal emails on their mobile devices. So you want to make sure the emails look great on mobile as well. 

Design for dark mode. Dark mode is changing your interface to a dark background with light writing to save your eyes. This has become increasingly popular.  We definitely recommend testing your emails for this and make any changes needed.

dark mode

Streamline Content


Have a process for your content and don’t forget to repurpose. Repurpose ad creatives and images across email flows. 

Add UGC for easy social proof and great visuals. An example of this would be to use a grid of 4 recent UGC with 1 review underneath or a call-out to follow the brand Instagram. 


Follow the trend to go minimal, which helps save your audience from clutter and distractions if they're busy. 

Send Regularly


The quote on the gif above is so true. “If you don’t commit to your content how do you expect anyone else to?” You want to consistently have your brand in front of your customers. It helps people get used to hearing from you and keeps users engaged. This also means that you can keep users on your list longer. 

Make a newsletter schedule that works for you. Repurpose old content in a new angle or design (i.e., founder story, blog posts, media mentions, quotes). Test days of the week or time of day for any improvements. 

A/B Test More Frequently

It’s important to avoid stagnation in any of your marketing content. Always be in the “mad scientist experimenting” mindset with A/B Testing. 

mad scientist 2

Here’s some examples of a couple of easy tests: 

  1. Spruce up your subject lines
  2. Don't forget about Pre-Headers
  3. Test new CTA colors
  4. Test content, length of content, place in the flow (i.e. founder story in 1 or 2 email of a welcome flow)
  5. Test different audiences for newsletters i.e. date range of engagement
  6. GIFs vs images, illustrations

What are some tests you have been running with your email campaigns? Leave us a comment below. 

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