Bing Makes Moves ON GDN - TribeTalk EP 1

Last Updated June 22, 2021

Check out this TribeTalk from our Co-Founder, Josh Sturgeon chatting with our Director of Operations, J.P. VanderLinden.


Welcome to our first “TribeTalk”. TribeTalks are a look inside the inner conversations at EmberTribe, what fuels our slack channels and video calls. Here’s where you can get the lowdown on all things paid traffic. TribeTalks are more than just digital news, it’s how these changes impact your business’ paid advertising channels and your bottomline.

Today we are discussing some recent updates around the Bing advertising rebrand, Instagram considering major changes, Google Ads introducing better GSuite integration, and Pinterest getting real about results.

Let’s get this TribeTalk started!

Bing Continues to Try and Fight GDN

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Bing recently rebranded Bing Advertising to Microsoft Advertising, and this is more than just a rename. With the changes, we expect competition to stay low and new display ad options to help offset prior low volume concerns. Microsoft seems to be hinting at more personalization & AI. It could even use LinkedIn data (which it owns)!

Microsoft also announced beta of Sponsored Products to compete with Google Shopping. Should you advertise on Bing? It depends on your niche and audience. Bing is great for B2B because Bing is the standard search engine on Edge/Internet Explorer which tends to get rolled out in corporate settings. It’s also a good space if you are targeting desktop users and older demographics.

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Is Instagram Killing Public Likes?

Let’s not hold our breath, not every feature that gets tested gets rolled out. But it is something to think through how to optimize if they were to put this new initiative of hiding public likes into play.

Doing away with the vanity metrics sure seems like a good move for mental health of users. But won’t that just emphasize comments more? Comments have long been more valuable than likes. Without publicly visible likes, the value of a PPE campaign (which generates mostly the easy double-tap) seems to go down for IG placements.

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Google Ads to Sheets in a Click

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This one’s a no brainer! Google (finally) rolled out the ability to one-click export Google Ads data to Google Sheets. This is an extremely welcome update to this connected, convenient, information age. All the joy of pivot tables and vlookups without sending a 4GB file via email (we've all done it, it sucks). No need to say more.

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Pinterest is Getting Real About Results

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Pinterest is starting to take ads more seriously and is working to add more conversion optimization options. This opens the door for more e-commerce results, more app downloads and more business leads from Pinterest. Promoted Pins and Promoted Videos can be optimized for the eventual end goal of a lead, cart add, sale, or download (plus more options), rather than just a click.

Conversion optimization these days is table stakes in the paid social game. Facebook has led the charge, but even Twitter and LinkedIn have been tracking and optimizing for real results for a while. It remains to be seen if it can be competitive with the big players, but this is a huge step forward in ad maturity for Pinterest.

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