The Top 5 States Searching For The "Corona Beer Virus" [Analysis]

Last Updated April 27, 2021

As dangerous as a viral pandemic can be, an even more dangerous malady is sweeping the world today...


While this post is a funny look at where world events overlap our work in digital marketing, the idea that a statistically significant sample of our population is concerned about the "Corona Beer Virus" is...disturbing?

Anyways, let's dive into the data and have a little fun!

According to a recent survey conducted by a PR firm, a staggering 38% of American beer drinkers would not buy a Corona beer under any circumstance while the virus is spreading.

I didn't believe the survey. Those results are easy to manipulate based on things like sample size and the wording of the questions.

But then I started seeing activity on search channels that were...amusing.

Here's the search volume on Google for the past 90 days related to the query "Corona Beer Virus".

There was a peak in search volume at the end of January and it has steadily tapered down throughout the month of February.

The Top 5 States Searching For "Corona Beer Virus"

Google trends also reveals the concentration of these searches by state (dun dun dun).

5. North Dakota

I can only imagine how cold it is in North Dakota this time of year. Those beachy, sun-drenched commercials must be top of mind right now.

4. Hawaii

What better place to enjoy a cold one with a wedge of lime? To be fair to Hawaii, vacationers escaping the cold North Dakota winter could be skewing the results here.

3. District of Columbia

They either know something we don't (uh oh), or our country's politicians are even more dense than we anticipated.

2. Maine

Oh, Maine. You're such a delightful state. You are, as the license plate proudly announces, "The way life should be". That's why I'm pleased to share that pairing a Corona with your lobster poses no risk to your idyllic existence.

1. Nebraska

The land of great steaks and Warren Buffet. I've got nothing here. No clue why. Venture a guess?

Real World Impact

Constellation brands saw an 8% drop in share price in after hours trading Thursday.

Related to the Corona Beer Virus mixup?

Maybe, maybe not. 

But if it is...this could be a good time to buy :)


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